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Wait A second here, now the Kurds are rebels?

that are to be attacked in the war on terrror just after Saddam was charged for attacking their villages to?!

Am I missing something here?


Colonel, you make some very good points, but would that not be the same actions that Saddam met with artillary as well?

Not defending past actions or anything, but is bombing entire villages and killing innocent people, as a response to a small amount of people a no-no or not.

Update 2:

so wasn't Saddam doing turkey, our allies, a favor for gassing them in the first place?

Update 3:

you're right Golden, I am no politician, so using the lives of other people as pawns in a global chess game, makes no sense to me.

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  • Antoni
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    get with the program there were no WMD

    why tell the truth about anything else?

    the news in Europe i saw said the kurds caught sadam and handed him over, then the US army staged a show of "finding" him in a hole.........really how silly if people believe that he was hiding in a hole and the TV cameras happened to be there

    your "news" in america is nothing but propaganda so they can justify continuing the madness

    now they want to attack the kurds to keep turkey happy - great more blood and death, what a wonderful example to the world what the "free" bring us....


    Source(s): dont watch USA "news" or believe a word of it
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  • 1 decade ago

    The Kurds did this to themselves, and I'm sure they thought America would back them. We can't. Why we did support the Kurds and did our best to protest them during Saddam's rule. we did use them during the initial invasion of Iraq as well. We also had the No Fly Zones to protect them.

    Now, however, they are launching rocket and missile attacks into Turkey ( who also opposes the Kurds). Turkey, so far, has been able to hold back and not invade, although they want to badly. So, why we may have protected them and used them, they are now starting their own war, and we can't help them.

    Turkey is our Alley, we have Military assets in Turkey and they are part of the U.N. This is why we cannot help the Kurds. The Kurds actions are no different than Hezbollah (sp?) launching artillery into Israel, and Israel responding. I don't agree with it, but Turkey has the right to stop whatever group is threatening their Country. Personally, I think Turkey is taking advantage of a very sticky situation. What can the U.S. do if Turkey invades? What should the new Iraq military do? It's really a no win situation and we're (the US) will be stuck in the middle of it. Maybe this is an opportunity for the New Iraqi Government to maybe do something about their country.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bush still doesn't have a clue, what hornets nest he troubled.

    The Kurds had been attacked by Saddam with US support (poison gas) short after Desert Storm in 91. To make good, the CIA later (94) supported them with Billions of tax payers money to build their own militia. They developed ties to Ben Laden and build a trainings camp for terrorists for him (That's where the alleged ties between Iraq and Ben Laden came from, CIA paid and supervised). The USA army used them in March 2003 to attack Saddam from the north.

    The Kurds are somewhat like the Israelis, nobody wants them, but they are smarter and harder working then the Arabs.

    They are a trouble for the dictatorships in Iran, Syria, Turkey and elsewhere. Unless they get their own nation, there will always be conflict and if they get their own nation, the Arabs won't stop whining about it, like about Israel.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Kurds are an ethic group, not a people.

    There are Kurds in turkey, in Iraq , in Syria and in Iran.

    You cannot lump them all together.

    That would be like saying, if we attack al-quada in Afghanistan, then that means we are attacking Muslims in Qatar, because the al quada terrorist are Muslims also.

    The PPK has nothing to do with the Iraqi Kurds, they are Turkish Kurds who have used terrorism to support their goal for a independent homeland in southern Turkey.

    Right now, they are using the mountainous northern Iraqi region, to stage attacks into turkey from.

    While the Iraqi Kurds may feel sympathy for the Turkish Kurds, they don't want to join them in a Kurdish homeland.

    So the Turkish actions against PPK, isn't the same as saying Turkey is attacking the Iraqi Kurds.

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  • 1 decade ago

    this is what happens when you incessantly meddle in the affairs of other countries. Turkey is a NATO ally of the US, but the poor innocent Kurds were used as a rationale to invade Iraq.

    so now whom do we support? the "victims" of Saddam, or a half century old NATO ally?

    in answer to jeepers erroneous division of Kurdish groups: if what you say is in fact the case, then why does Turkey want to invade and strike at Iraqi Kurds in Iraq?

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  • yes you are missing a lot the Kurds want a seperate country the have been terrorists in Turkey for a long time Before Saddam there was the Kurds it is just a matter of covenient memories of news reporters the Leader of the Kurds is in jail in Turkey for terrorist crimes against Turkey lest we forget Turkey is our friend the Kurds are Turkeys enemy Turkey is our ally get the picture

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  • sam f
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    1 decade ago

    no you're not missing anything.

    We are over there fighting against Iraq now. both sides.

    The fact that the Kurds are attacking Turkey means one thing... they're done with us.

    i get the message loud and clear

    "Get out of here. We have non-stop wars to wage, we don't need you here America. If you don't leave we'll continue to kill your soldiers"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes you are missing something here.

    The Kurds are not rebels although there are rebel Kurds. The PPK. They have an axe to grind with Turkey and are conducting terrorist attacks against them. Terrorists are terrorists and they will get neutralized like any other. Most Kurds want nothing to do with this now. They just got the chance to leave peacefully and don't want to lose it.

    I think a smart fellow like you can make the distinction if you haven't already.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yep. their 15 minutes of fame as victims of Saddam's gas-attacks are over. now they are rebels.

    i get the idea this doesn't make any sense to you. obviously not a politician.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Anyone who stands in the way of Bush and his idiotic policies is branded a 'terrorist'.

    Haven't you noticed that yet?

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