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Fat Anorexic?

As far as I know some one with anorexia is normally sensitive about being perceived as fat, or has a massive fear of becoming fat. But my question is do you have to be skinny to be anorexic?

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    No, there are many stages of an eating disorder. Anorexia is the disorder. You can be 210lbs and stop eating and have anorexia. Its just that the cases that are most "seen" are usually people who are 80lbs etc.

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    anorexic people ARE abnormally sensitive about the preceived appearnce. That's a 'given' for any sufferer.

    One will normally be able to see someone else as anorexic after their weight has degraded until they are just too thin. Even if someone starts off grossly obese the condition which makes them not wish to eat will, eventually result in the skeletal appearance that is so much a part of anorexia.

    When a person starts with this terrible affliction there well may be a need to lose weight, but the anorexic doesn't, unlike the rest of us, see the genuine weight loss and continues avoiding food until, sometimes, they die.

    Apart from the drastic weight loss the sufferer also suffers from a lack of nutrition (because they don't eat) and their general health level decreases accordinly.

    It is, pricipally a mental state, not a physical disease, but the effects are terrible for the sufferer and their families.



    Source(s): My cousin, Bonnie, died a few years ago, weighing just 47lb, she was 5' 9" tall and six months older than I. She wasn't a teenager, but a grown woman of 56 years. She was anorexic.
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    youre not fat at all. and anorexic people are actually able to gain weight pretty easily because when they starve themselves, their body goes into starvation mode and anything thats put into the body after that gets directly stored as fat. some girls that are tiny can eat what ever they want because they have high metabolisms. now, anorexia is a mental disorder just as much as it is an eating disorder. it sounds like you have pretty good control over it. so my advice is to stop it before it becomes a serious habit and you become obsessive over it. its more dangerous than it seems. if you continue to eat less you may think you have control over it but one day you could get dizzy and pass out for a second, get freaked out and try to eat and discover that your body rejects any food you put in it and you start throwing up uncontrollably.. yeah, its dangerous and it will take control over you sooner than you think. so stop while you still can and be healthy by working out an hour a day, 6 hours a week. and eating healthy foods like fruits, veggitables, whole wheats, and lean proteins (in the right portions) and it will work.. when you think about it, being healthy really is easier than not eating. if youre having trouble changing your ways, try incorperating one new thing each week.. such as working out for a half an hour, eating more fruits and veggitables, or eating less unhealthy food. good luck.

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    No, anorexia describes a psychological disorder that renders one petrified to eat because of the paralyzing fear of becoming fat. The weightloss is a side effect only. It is rare but there are Anorexics who do not lose weight as they expect for one reason or another, often these cases turn to even more destructive patterns including purging.

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    Anorexia is just "a decrease in appetite"

    Anorexia nervosa - the most common type of harmful anerexia is characterized by low body weight and they envision their body as fat.

    You can learn more about both at


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    No you dont have 2 be skinny to be anorexic i no people hu r skinny but eat all u can n just dont put on weight. but sum people just put on da weight so they dont eat and became anorexic.

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    no- it could just be that because they arent eating right their body is reacting wierd to it, it also could be that they havent been anorexic for very long. It happens alot with bullemics too.

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    Indeed. Skinny to the point where it's sad sad sad.

    Just look up 'anorexia' in yahoo images. THATS anorexic.

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    it depends crash dieting is not anorexia but feeling guilty, having furtive eating behaviours is

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    You don't have to be skinny to be anorexic, but if you are anorexic long enough you will be.

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