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子龍 asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

幫我翻釋為英文(日記) 不要用深的英文 用過去式 如果答案錯的,我會投訴你們

Sunny 20 December 2005


今天,爸爸買了一棵小小的聖誕樹。 我說:『太沒有氣氛了。』爸爸說:『我還沒有出薪水。』和爸爸說完後,我感到情緒低落。然後,媽媽進房安慰我,她說:『爸爸還沒有出薪水,還要給錢我們照顧我們一日三餐,你自己想一想,爸爸也很想買一棵大的聖誕樹佈置家裡,你也要明白他的苦心。』結果最後,我們都過了一個開開心心的聖誕節了。

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    20th December 2005

    Today was Christmas but my home didn't have any decoration such as christmas tree.

    Today, my father bought a small christmas tree. I said, 'It is not good enough.' Father said, 'I haven't got my salary.' After the talk, I felt sad. Then, mother came to my room and cheered me up. She said, 'Father hasn't got his salary but he needs to give money to support our daily life. You think: He also wants to buy a big christmas tree to decorate home. You need to understand him. Finally, we all had a very happy Christmas.

  • Ali
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    1 decade ago

    Sunny 20 December 2005

    Today is the Christmas day, but in the family has not arranged the Christmas tree and so on the thing.

    Today, the daddy has bought a small Christmas tree. I said that,'too did not have the atmosphere.The' daddy said that,'I do not have a wage.' and the daddy said after, I felt the mood is low.Then, mother enters the room to comfort me, she said that,The 'daddy does not have a wage, but also must give the money us to look after our eat three meals a day, you think, the daddy also very wants to buy a big Christmas tree to arrange in the family, you also must understand his pains.Finally final, we all crossed a happy Christmas day.

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