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我想要一D資料關於一本叫" The Turn Of The Screw"(要英文)


1:) 4個主角的名字和1句關於它們的介紹

2:) 50-70字的summary(唔好多過70字,但又要講哂成個story)

3:) how did the story end????



thz a lotssssss!!!!!!


thz a lots first , but can u give me a brief descipition of each character?????

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    1)Miles,Flora,Douglasand Mrs.Grose

    2) (Sorry! I can`t find any plot summary shorter than 70 words but this is the better one! )

    An unnamed narrator listens to a male friend reading a manuscript written by a former governess whom the latter claims to have known and who is now dead. The manuscript tells the story of how the young governess is hired by a man who has found himself responsible for his niece and nephew after the death of their parents. He lives in London and has no interest whatsoever in the children. The boy is at a boarding school whilst his sister, Flora, is living at the country home where she is cared for by the housekeeper, Mrs. Grose. He gives the governess full charge of the children and makes it clear he never wants to hear from her again regarding them. The governess travels to her new employer's house and begins her duties. Shortly thereafter, the boy, Miles, turns up after being expelled from his school. The governess infers that the headmaster feels that Miles is a threat to the other boys.

    The governess begins to see and hear strange things. She learns that her predecessor, a Miss Jessel, and her lover Peter Quint (another former servant of the household), a clever but abusive man, died under curious circumstances. Gradually, she becomes convinced that the pair are somehow using the children to continue their relationship from beyond the grave. The governess takes action against the perceived threat, eventually culminating in the death of Miles.

    3)With Flora and Mrs. Grose gone, Miles and the governess talk after dinner. The governess asks if he took her letter. He confesses, and the governess sees Quint outside. She watches Quint in horror, then points him out to Miles, who asks if it is Peter Quint and looks out the window in vain. He cries out, then falls into the governess’s arms, dead.

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    1)The Governess - The protagonist of the novella, a twenty-year-old woman who has been put in charge of educating and supervising Flora and Miles at the country estate of Bly. Miles - A ten-year-old boy, the elder of the governess’s two charges.

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    Flora - An eight-year-old girl, the younger of the governess’s two chargesMrs. Grose - A servant who acts as the governess’s companion and confidante.

    Source(s): sparknotes
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    參考SparkNotes and Amazon. Hope this helps! ^_^

    1) Character List:

    a) The Governess: Although the governess adores Miles and Flora when she first meets them, she quickly becomes suspicious of their every word and action, convinced that they hope to deceive her. She is fickle, however, and frequently switches back to being absolutely sure of their pure innocence.

    b) Mrs. Grose: An illiterate servant at Bly, Mrs. Grose provides the governess with open ears and loyal support.

    c) Miles: Miles might be either a cunning and deceitful plaything of ghosts or merely an innocent, unusually well-mannered young boy.

    d) Flora: Like Miles, Flora might be either angelic or diabolical. She appears to be a completely wonderful little girl, even preternaturally so, well behaved and a pleasure to be around. The governess thinks Flora possesses “extraordinary charm” and is the “most beautiful child” she has laid eyes on.

    More analysis:

    2) Plot summary: The story starts conventionally enough with friends sharing ghost stories 'round the fire on Christmas Eve. One of the guests tells about a governess at a country house plagued by supernatural visitors. But in the hands of Henry James, the master of nuance, this little tale of terror is an exquisite gem of sexual and psychological ambiguity. Only the young governess can see the ghosts; only she suspects that the previous governess and her lover are controlling the two orphaned children (a girl and a boy) for some evil purpose. The household staff don't know what she's talking about, the children are evasive when questioned, and the master of the house (the children's uncle) is absent. Why does the young girl claim not to see a perfectly visible woman standing on the far side of the lake? Are the children being deceptive, or is the governess being paranoid? By leaving the questions unanswered, The Turn of Screw generates spine-tingling anxiety in its mesmerized readers.

    3) Ending (Chapter 24): In the middle of this conversation, the governess is suddenly distracted by Peter Quint looking in through the window. She springs up and draws Miles close, his back to the window. Miles confesses that he took the letter. Moaning with joy, the governess embraces him and notes the quickness of his pulse. Miles says he wanted to know what the letter said about him but found it said nothing and burned it. The governess asks if he had stolen letters at school.

    Surprised, Miles asks if she had known that he couldn’t go back to school. The governess claims to know everything. Denying the charge, Miles says he “said things” to boys he liked. The governess presses the issue. Miles shifts, and she springs forward upon him, pressing him against her. Miles asks if “she” is here. The governess says the “coward horror” is here. Miles searches in the direction of the governess’s gaze and names Peter Quint, crying out “[Y]ou devil!” and asking where. The governess yells at the ghost and points him out. Miles’s heart stops.

    Source(s): SparkNotes and Amazon
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