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Finding: Esophagus:Circumferential tumor was noted over upper esophagus about 15 cm to 20 cm from incisor. Biopsy was done. the esophageal lumen was narrowing due to tumor obsruction. Stomact:Tow tiny ulcers were noted over prepyloric area. Duodenum:Negative to 2nd portion .Diagnosis:Esophageal cancer,upper esopahgus,s/p biopsy Acute gastric ulcers,prepyloric area 麻煩幫我翻譯好嗎?學校上課要用~~!!

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    發現: 食道:圓周的腫瘤關於對來自門牙的 20個 cm 的 15個 cm 在上面的食道之上被注意。 活組織切片檢查被做。 食道的流明正在由於腫瘤 obsruction 縮小。 Stomact:拖極小的潰瘍在幽門的區域上方被注意。 十二指腸:否定到第二將。分配診斷:食道癌症、上面的 esopahgus,s/p 活組織切片檢查敏銳的胃潰瘍,幽門的區域

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    發現: Esophagus:Circumferential 腫瘤是著名的上部食道大約15 cm 到20 cm 從門牙。切片檢查法完成食管流明是變窄由於腫瘤obsruction 。Stomact:Tow 微小的潰瘍是著名的prepyloric 區域。Duodenum:Negative 對第2 部份Diagnosis:Esophageal 癌症, 上部esopahgus, s/p 切片檢查法深刻胃潰瘍, prepyloric 區域

    應該是這樣 希望有幫到忙 QQ"

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