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Is it "wrong" to have a newborn baby and 2 PitBull dogs?

Personally I would say that there is nothing wrong with that, but people just keep telling me that it is not right. I'm 5 months preg. and I have 2 male Pitbull dogs (15 mos. old), who consider me their mom (i am), and will only become aggressive when I am around both because they get jelous of each other; they're only aggressive to strangers, but not towards anyone in my family. The problem is that I will be staying with the baby in the same room my doggies use to share when they were pups, and obviously my dogs are going to see me with the baby and stuff. I mean, I don't know how they will react, or if it's safe to have the baby around them; my dogs are my kids too, I can't prefer the baby over the dogs because it is not fair. Plus I've heard that newborns shouldn't be in a household were there are certain "animals". I just want to know if any of you have experienced something similar, cause I always think about that issue, but I really don't see anything wrong...

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    Just because your dogs are pitbulls doesn't mean anything. Dogs can be great with kids or bad with kids. Each experience is different. One thing I've heard of peopld doing is taking a blanet from the newborn baby and sending it home a day before you come home from the hospital and giving it to the dog to sleep with or smell. Spend time with the dogs and the baby and work on it. Many times any jealousy issues can be worked out.

    If you really want to work it out and there are problems you will need to make sure your dogs understand a change of command. (or their place in the hierachy). Make sure they understand that any agression towards the baby is not tolorated and punishment is immediate. Usually a good submiissive hold and a firm "NO NO NO" is all you need.

    Dogs feel less threatened and more loved when they have a firm master and firm boundries (ha ha ha that sounds like kids too).

    Also children rasied in housholds with pets are less likely to have allergies to pets.

    Good luck and keep in mind if there are problems you can always work with a dog trainer if t gets to that.

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    "I can't prefer the baby over the dogs because it is not fair"

    Yes, it's very very fair! I love animals, but when you decide to become a Mom, your children come first.

    Now, about pitbulls. The fact is, if you're asking the question, I suspect you already know the answer. Pitbulls are a breed that is known for random, often unexpected, vicious attacks. Yes, the dogs love you, but as you said yourself they become agressive when you're around and with each other. How do you think they'll react to a baby that's occupying most of your time?

    I wouldn't risk it, your baby's well being and possibly his/her life could be at risk. On top of that, if your dogs do attack, they'll end up put down anyways, so you're not really doing them a favor. Find them a good home somewhere where there are no children.

    I know this may not be what you want to hear, but it's the only advice I can give.

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    There is nothing wrong with it. I am 6 months pregnant and have a 12 week old pit bull. People have a stereotype about this breed of dog but anyone who has ever owned one will tell you that as long as your dogs are properly socialized and you don't leave the dogs and the baby alone together then it's completely ok. Pit bulls are loyal and loving and because of bad owners who don't treat them correctly they have a bad name when really there is no difference between them and any other breeds of dogs. Don't listen to any of the people who say you can't have both. They are morons who believe the media hype about these dogs and have clearly never been on the affectionate side of a pit bulls love and devotion.

    Make sure you have someone bring something home that smells like the baby before the baby actually comes home from the hospital, that way they will know the scent and it won't be a huge shock to them.

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    I think you just need to be careful....if you are planning on moving the dogs outside permanently, which I would do, then do it soon well before the baby comes so they don't associate it with the bub...when u have bub, get ur hubby or whatever to take some clothes bub has worn so they can smell it...make sure you spend a bit of time with them once a just don't want to all of a sudden change their want to ease them into it while u are still in ur "baby free" routine....I had 2 staffies (one has now gone) & although I loved them (they were my kids 2) I don't trust ANY dogs...i love all dogs...but I am always wary.....earlier this year, a 1 week old baby girl was killed by the family dog, one of those samarui (sic) dogs, the big white fluffy ones...the parents left it with family during the birth time & then bought the baby home, then brought the dog back the next day...the dog was outside but snuck in only to have the parents investigate a noise in their room while they were watching tv to discover their daughter....absolutely horrible...i think they had the right intentions but u have to be vigilant....

    Source(s): My own experience & an incident that happened in Perth, Western Australia earlier this year...
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    Yes! given that you have said that they get jelous, when your baby comes along they will see how much attention your giving your baby which will be loads!!!! I have heard horror stories like this many times where poor babies or toddlers are killed by dogs like this!! Do you want to risk it?? Really?? Sorry its the dogs or your child!!! And if you not going to get rid of the dogs then you make sure you are 100% aware at all times.

    It only need ONE time for a dog to behave in this nature and its usually too late!! Thats to everyone who says "my dog wont do that, he's part of the family" IT ONLY HAS TO HAPPEN ONCE!!!!

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    Think about it this way.... Pit Bulls are like kids, they get jealous of one another, whats not to say they are'nt going to be jealous of your baby?You look at it as another part of your family coming in, but will the dogs ''know'' this baby isnt a stranger.? Do they jump alot, are they really playful ? You have to think, a baby will not move out of the running dogs way .They can be playing with the child and hurt it, or jump on it, so many things can happen..! Are they good with small chrildren? Alot of dogs in general snap at dogs... I have to give away my ankle-biter because it snaps at people. Im her mother but I see no other option, so my mom is taking her for a while. Id think about it. Babies need alot of attention, and their head and body is very fragile!

    Source(s): pregnant with a dog:(
  • I wouldn't say its wrong but due to the pitbulls nature and what you have said about them being jealous, I would be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when it comes to them being around your baby. Also, I dont fully understand how you can say you can't prefer the baby over the dogs. I totally understand how the dogs are like your kids (I have 2 chihuahuas that are like my kids); however, your baby should definitely take precedent over the dogs...Just be careful

    Source(s): 40w preg
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    My dog isn't aggressive. They would never do that. They are just like part of the family. They love me. Their good around other people. These statements are usually attributed to people whose dog just mauled someone. As you have described in your question, it is not a safe situation. I would actually say how I feel, but prefer to keep it within community guidelines.

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    As long as you are planning on keeping your baby away from the dogs and safe,I see nothing wrong.

    Just start to keep the dogs outside and spend less time with them...

    If your dogs start to get aggresive,you will have to either give them away or put them down...

    luck and sorry I couldnt be of more help!

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