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Is it "wrong" to have a newborn baby and 2 PitBull dogs?

Personally I would say that there is nothing wrong with that, but people just keep telling me that it is not right. I'm 5 months preg. and I have 2 male Pitbull dogs (15 mos. old), who consider me their mom (i am), and will only become aggressive when I am around both because they get jelous of each other; they're only aggressive to strangers, but not towards anyone in my family. The problem is that I will be staying with the baby in the same room my doggies use to share when they were pups, and obviously my dogs are going to see me with the baby and stuff. I mean, I don't know how they will react, or if it's safe to have the baby around them; my dogs are my kids too, I can't prefer the baby over the dogs because it is not fair. Plus I've heard that newborns shouldn't be in a household were there are certain "animals". I just want to know if any of you have experienced something similar, cause I always think about that issue, but I really don't see anything wrong...

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    would you give up your son because you didnt know if he was going to get along with your daughter?

    i personally think pit bulls are one of the best breeds they are very loyal. breeds that are considered agressive, chows, papillion, sheepdogs, llasa apso, rots, chihuahuas, toy poodles, daschunds, jack russels, giant schnausers, cocker spaniels, pekingnese, mini pins, boxers, BULL DOGS, great danes, mastiffs and german shepherds.

    u see where pits come in on the list?!

    i would trust a pit over a person almost any day!!!

    Source(s): RESPONSIBLE PIT BULL OWNER!!!!!!!!!!
  • So, your dogs get jealous of each other.....what do you think will happen when you're dealing with your baby? I doubt they would understand what's going on. If the consider you their mom, they more than likely will not like you ignoring both of them while you care for your baby. Also, you could have the most docile animal in the world turn for no reason. How about the pit bull puppy that chewed off an infant girl's toes(four of them) while she slept? Sure, the parents were at fault as well, but it still happened. There's too many unknowns in the situation really.

    "I can't prefer the baby over the dogs because it is not fair. "

    I'm sorry, but as a mother.....that statement bothered me. That baby depends on you to live, period. If you think you'll be "unfair" to the dogs while caring for a human being, give them away to someone without kids to care for. Better yet, give the baby to someone else and keep your precious dogs.

    Edit: I'll make it easier for you. Let's take your words and have some fun. "I can't prefer the baby over the dogs because it is not fair."

    "I can prefer the dogs over the baby, because then I'm not being unfair to the dogs but to the baby."- Make any sense? Didn't think so.

    Don't ask if something is wrong and then tell everyone why it isn't in the same breath. I don't think you care. You've "heard" that newborns shouldn't be in the same household as certain obviously there's a smidgen of sense, but then you go on to say you don't see anything wrong. Which is it, do you care about the safety of your kid or making your dogs feel ignored? It's a VERY easy decision and the fact that you've asked this same question about 5 times is a little troubling.

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    Ok first thing your baby is so much more important then dogs!! Not having children yet you do not realize that dogs are dogs and people are people.

    Ok now for the dogs themselves. Dogs are going to be jealous. This is a given and it doesn't matter how big and bad you think those dogs are, they are just dogs. I am hoping you do not leave that baby alone with those dogs.

    Dogs will feed off each others excitement. The pack mentality. Because you say you are these dogs "mother" and not a leader then you maybe facing some serious issues with your new born baby.

    Babies to dogs are not people they are just another animal. Some dogs except children, some dogs never do.

    My oldest kid the dog I had then did not mind the baby, though you could see the resentment in her eyes. She would also growl at the baby and the two others I had when they would pull on her fur. She was a trained helper dog for my seizures.

    So sure have your baby around the dogs, however be smart about things. Do not let the baby when old enough play in the dogs food or be left alone with two dogs. One dog snaps the other will get into it and all hell will break loose with your human baby right in the middle and heavens forbid your baby get bit and bleed...... The smell of blood and a baby is not a good formula.

    Dogs are not babysitter or humans, they are dogs.

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    Your child WILL be a stranger to them.

    And I know it's hard to face, but pit bulls do have a reputation for being aggressive...

    I have a two year old black lab and I'm 5 months pregnant. But my dog has NEVER for any reason been aggressive and he's very good with children and he's had obedience training... (He grew up playing with kids so he's used to them.) But I still plan to be extra, extra careful.

    As a dog lover I know how you feel, but based on everything you've said it sounds like you'd be best off finding a new home for the dogs. If they get jealous over your attention, then they're going to have jealousy issues with the baby.

    I'm sorry I couldn't give you a better answer, but you have to but your babie's welfare ahead of the dogs.

    Even though our Roo-dog is the sweetest pup on the planet we've been putting hands in his food and tugging on his ears and tail just to get him used to it. We've also been leaving a baby doll in a seat in the living room to practice "leave it"...

    But there's a big difference between a lab and a pit bull. Labs are one of the most family friendly breeds out there...

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    The problem is that the dogs will get jealous of the new presence in the family. You'll spend a great deal of time with the baby, taking time away from the dogs and that could be a problem. If you keep the dogs, be very very careful.

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    Don't listen to these people I have three pit bulls and a four year old son and they would never harm him in anyway. If anything they would kill someone how tried to hurt him!!! Just watch then around the baby at first to see how they react!! im sure everything will be fine!!

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    So many children and babies are maimed and killed by dangerous dogs, and I'm afraid pit bulls are on the list. You can't risk a babys safety. You say they get jealous of each other and are aggresive with strangers. Your baby will be a stranger! And they will see it as enemy if they are jealous of even each otjer. It sounds to me as if you know this in your heart already, but I really don't understand how you cant put your child over your dogs!!! A dog can easily be re- are not its mother..a child needs you indefinatley. Please don't chance it...there are too many tragedies involving dogs like these already.........

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    Why are you explaining your answer?

    It would be wrong to put any explanation before the answer you already know.

    You can put the baby before the dogs because the baby came from your body.

    If you have a doubt then give the baby away and keep your dogs.

    Now, stop making trouble where there isn't any. Love your dogs and love your baby. But don't ever forget which one came out of your body.

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    Well the baby will be a stranger to the dogs! I can't believe people can keep such dangerous dogs around children. You've said they are aggressive so get rid of them now.

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    You may think totally differently when the baby comes...but for now, you seem to be confidant that your dogs will be ok with your family.

    Any dog can be mean or attack kids, its not just pits or pit mixes, its the temperment of the dog.

    I would not leave the baby alone with the dogs, espically after its old enough to walk and pull on the dogs ears, tail, etc. They may nip or more, at your baby. That's how dogs 'talk' to each other with growls, bites, jumping on each other. You have dogs that have been tweaked to have a certain internal need to fight or be agressive.

    Maybe you can get into some behavioral training with them before the baby comes to know how to deal with them, since you say they get agressive with each other.

    good luck with everything!

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    personally i wouldn't. dogs are very territorial and baby will be the invader, especially if you are putting them out of 'their' room and giving it to the baby.

    your comment that you can not 'prefer' the baby over the dogs is sick - if you don't put a human life over an animal's life then perhaps you shouldn't be having a child. i think you seriously need to see a counsellor. you do not sound ready to be a parent thats for sure and i hope that someone other than you has some say in this matter.

    btw, our granddaughter at age two had her face torn to shreds by a dog that was 'never aggressive to anyone in the family'. she was simply playing with her baby doll on the floor, mummy left the room for a minute and the dog went for the child for no reason. of course she couldn't defend herself, our daughter had to fight the dog and she also ended up severely bitten. think carefully before you put your dogs before your child.

    nowadays you could be charged for bringing your child into an unsafe environment and your child could be apprehended. hopefully you will come to your senses and get rid of these dogs.

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