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pressure of 50 mL of hydrogen at STP?


and for tamara, thats what i thought to, but im not sure. and i was not given any other information but i believe i'm supposed to use the PV = nRT equation?

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    STP means standard temperature and pressure. Standard temperature is 0 degrees celcius.

    Standard Pressure is 1 atm.

    so if it is at STP then it has to be 1 atm.

    Source(s): I've been working on The Ideal Gas Laws for the past 2 weeks in Chemistry.
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    Plug it into PV=nRT

    P=pressure (unknown)

    V=volume (.050 L )

    n=moles (.004) (found using density of hydrogen- .08988)

    R=gas constant (0.08206 L-atm/mol-K)

    T=Temperature (273.15 at STP)


    P=1.79 atm

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    don't you need to know moles of hydrogen or grams?

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