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Singing: Can't sing High notes?

Well I kinda can sing high notes but I'm dying. It sounds all cracky and sometimes it seems okay and like I'm losing breath and dying. Can someone give me some tips of singing high notes?

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    Meh...I can't sing high notes, and frankly, no one wants to hear me TRY to sing high notes.

    Some people can't sing that high, but there's a ton of different parts to sing in a song where you don't sing high at all, you know, baritones, altos, etc.

    But if you really want to, practice as high as you can, and gradually work your way up. But you might get a sore throat or something from that, so be careful.

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    I recommend getting lessons, and don't take that in a bad way. A vocal coach will be able to help you expand your range. With practice, your range should grow somewhat. It took my voice four years to get stronger in the higher octaves, so don't expect it to come easily.

    If you feel like you're dying when you sing, you might want to work on your breathing technique. Don't worry about how your stomach may look, take deep breaths and sing from your diaphragm, not from your throat.

    Also remember that not all people are meant to hit the high notes! I'm an alto, so I naturally have a lower range. It's better to focus on the tone and strength of the notes that you can sing than trying to reach notes out of your range. Don't think that you're not a talented singer just because you can't hit those high notes. The scale goes both ways! Hope that helps!

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    What high notes do you mean? Is this in general, or are you training to reach a specific note?

    I would recommend complete vocal rest if it hurts. Listen to your voice! It will tell you if you are in trouble.

    The best thing is always to find a qualified voice teacher in your area who can help you. The singing voice needs to be trained just like an other athlete. The muscles (which are everything from the vocal mechanism to the breathing muscles) have to be conditioned to perform at their best. So just like a marathon runner, you will need to slowly work up to those high notes by working in the lower registers until they are stable.

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    Don't! A lot of people can't sing high notes. If you want to so badly..then, well sing the highest note you can sing, then later gradually work up to higher notes. Don't overwork yourself to where you're losing your breath.

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    don't give up and don't try to tap them

    sing through them, meaning, put a crescendo through them

    don't push though

    just hit it sort of stablely and then put out a little more volume

    also breathe deeply with your diaphragm, not your shoulders (meaning, your stomach should expand, and your shoulders shouldn't rise)

    Also if you use the sound of the "ng" on sing to sing high notes, it can really open up the back of your throat to let those soar

  • Lauren
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    Great voice and I like your guitar skills as well. If you want to improve perhaps try something like Singorama (for vocals) or Jamorama (for guitar.) Learning piano may also be a good way to expand yourself musically. If you want to get into writing songs, learning piano can be very helpful in letting you visualize music better.

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    I think humming can help to strengthen your voice, you might just be suited for a lower pitched song though

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    Babe,do some mouth exercises and it would take around 4-6 months

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    if your not a natural soprano, stick to songs with lower alto range, use more air support, and take some private lessons to improve your voice

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