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Females: What is the first thing you look for in a guy? And....?

what knocks your socks off? Of course, you can take the last part of the question figuratively (or however you wish). Just want some insight into the female mind. I appreciate any answers you have! Thank you!

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    Turn On's

    * His face (eyes, jaw definition, and lips)

    * His body ( stomach, arms, back, and legs)

    * Tanned ( I hate tan lines) so if he goes tanning is a plus

    Turn Off's

    * Hair on chest

    * Dirty nails

    * Tan lines

    * Fat


    Turn On's

    * Tranquil

    * Sophisticated

    * Reserve

    * Funny

    * Organized

    * Handyman ( knows a little about everything)

    * Intelligent

    * Stable

    Turn off's

    * All the opposite from turn on's

    Well this is what i first look in a guy but then again I'm very picky sorry.

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    his looks and his laugh.

    what rocks my socks is if hes a really good kisser!

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    well... first of all... guys are gross when they are overly skinny... and good clothes, doesn't go by looks, funny, and great to be around

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    his smile. personality. humor. non-selfish. ability to love (: haha oh yeah and his smell!

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