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What is a moral question?

what is an example of a moral question?

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    A moral question is a question that has to do with the principles of right and wrong or gooness and badness of human behavior.

    An example of a moral question might be:

    Should I lie to my mother so that my brother can elope with his girlfriend?

    A lie is considered bad behavior. But loyalty to one's brother is also considered good behavior. This is a moral dilemma that the asker must deal with. This is a complex question since it deals with more than one problem. In fact, it might be dealing with 4 seperate moral questions. A lie, loyalty to one's mother, loyalty to one's brother and whether or not eloping is a good idea. The asker has to deal with all of this on a moral level and weigh the good and bad of everything.

    Moral situations are tricky because they are often subjective. Perhaps the mother is not a kind person and is purposefully trying to stop the marriage out of selfish reasons. Then again, maybe the eloping brother is selfish and doesn't know what he is getting into and is in fact marrying a woman who wants to take advantage of him. Few things are as simple as the question itself.

    A simple moral question might be something like:

    Is it good to kill during war?

    Again, this is a subjective question. Your country would say it is a good thing. Your enemy might have a different opinion of course. Pacifists would argue that killing is never good. Some people say that killing for a good cause is the only time that it is acceptable.

    Moral questions are never easy to answer. This is because the definition of good and bad and right and wrong are so hard to understand. These definitions can change so quickly depending upon perspective. That is why if you are ever faced with a moral question or dilemma, then I suggest you think long and hard if given the time and get as much information as you can. But in the end you must make up your own mind.

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    What Is A Morality

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    Hey Theo! Just because others are reading this question, I am going to answer it. I don't believe you are serious. Moral Magnets are those persons, places and things, both seen and unseen, both near and far, that influence our thoughts, desires, passions, actions etc., toward the good. Now that is assuming you are using the term moral magnet in the positive sense. I like a better example taught to me by my grandfather many, many years ago: "If you sleep with dogs, you are going to get up with fleas!" I laughed at first when he said that and then it hit me like thunder telling me that a storm is nearby. Essentially simple; the people you hang with, good or bad, you will pick up their example, values and morality. You cannot help but do this, unless you are Jesus. He was almost always with sinners, but calling them to repentance. Be careful! Be very careful about those whom you choose to be associated. They will lead you higher to a wonderful life or they will drag you down to both an Hell on earth and in the world to come.

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    What is a moral question?

    what is an example of a moral question?

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    Moral is about determination.

    Moral questions are about your choices and why you choose them. You are not necessary to make such choice. Nevertheless, at the end of days, you would say those are good choice or bad choice.

    For example, you went to shopping and you are deciding whether you would cook Campbell Soup or a flesh soup. Then, you asked, would it be necessary to make such choice, seeing you would like a flesh soup. But you buy some cans of Campbell Soup just in case. Suddenly, your boss call to to duties due to an accident of your colleague. You would say, luckily there are some Campbell Soup to feed before going to work.

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    A moral question is a thesis question. Something positive u've learned along the road of life.

    example: From being careless and fufilling my own wants, I did horribly in chemistry. I now know that u can only get far in life if u attempt 2 succeed.

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    A person with moral courage will not only work well in a team , but olso by himself, he or she doesnt need praise and flattery to keep going and can deal with most predicaments. moral courage is rare and tempers bravery with wisdom this gives greater chances of survival as decisions are based on common sense rather than ego or fear of criticism...

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    A moral question is one that is covered by the Golden Rule. They are questions that have to do with relationships between people and how we ought to treat each other.

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    No, there is south, east and west. Life is fall of ups and downs and the wind blows where it will, nothing to do with magnets, unless of course one is stuck in a rut.

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    Morals is about what your conscience.

    It is about good and bad, right and wrong and generally it is about your actions and reactions.

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