The giver by Lois Lowry???

Does anyone know some examples of irony in the giver by lois lowry? I have to be honest this is a homework assignment but I just need help. If you have examples please do not give page numbers because then I could cheat just give examples.



I am in 7th grade and did some of this last year but because my school curriculum is different we learn different things each year seperate from the public schools.

Update 2:

sry i go to a charter school that is why

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    are u in sixth grade? cuz i had to do this last year....

    o and idk if its correct but im guessing

    they were being "released" like kicked out but the real reason was that they would get a lethal injection/killed

    elsewhere is considered outside the community but it really is just a place where you belong (feel at home)

    i dont remember any else......

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