What makes a computer "CRASH ?"?

A friend of mine got a new computer and it crashed within the 1st month.

What caused this ? Anyway to prevent this from happening ?

Can it be easily fixed?

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    Crash can mean different things, I think someone said this in one of the answers but anyway I am explaining.

    Easy Fix Crash:

    One example is your computer just hanging and your forced to restart and cannot do anything.

    Restart does the job.

    Now for term that most people I know say Crash for. Unlike the above one, these type of crashes cannot be fixed without some work.

    When you turn on your computer u see that you cannot boot up to the operating system(Windows XP, Vista for example are operating systems) You see errors like missing files. These are caused by viruses, or accidental system file deletions.

    To fix all you need is recover disks and you can reinstall everything.

    Blue Screen Of Death:

    Link about it.


    A error message thats caused by RAM failure or problems with hard drive.....some cases of blue screen of death can be fixed with reinstalling everything with recovery disks like if its caused by some program in your hard drive thats messing the computer up. If i face blue screen of death all i do is reinstall everything if i still face it then i turn to the company for help. And in many many cases you will have to get new RAM ( random acess memory chip...its like the short term memory of the computer) its a little expensive.

    The final two(below) don't really have reasons they just happen:

    Another crash is a hard disk failure crash.

    Resolution: Take it to the repair shop. They will make sure its hard disk causing problem and if it is you really cant fix a hard disk failure you will have to get a new one.



    A warning comes up that says cannot start computer too much heat detected, this warning comes up on newer computers and on older ones they just turn off. This is caused by the fan inside not running and that will cause too much heat and you cant do anything but take it to repair shop. Cuz if you play around when the computer is over heating theres a chance your computer will be damaged beyond repair.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What makes a computer "CRASH ?"?

    A friend of mine got a new computer and it crashed within the 1st month.

    What caused this ? Anyway to prevent this from happening ?

    Can it be easily fixed?

    Source(s): computer quot crash quot: https://shortly.im/8qo1i
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    depends on what type of "crash" you mean as the term "crash" is very generic.

    Most people refer to crashing as a simple lock up and this will happen with any Windows OS system and usually a simple reboot fixes the problem. Ways to prevent? The only way to prevent something like that is to do nothing to your PC. I know that sounds ridiculous but anytime you install software or make configuration changes you risk crashing or currupting your PC. Under most conditions your fine with any of it but with computers anything is possible. :-)

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    Crash means different things to different people. Normally a system crash is due to an unexpected set of conditions happening at the same time. The system was programed by humans that make mistakes and they did not allow for it to happen.

    Another use for the word crash is when the arm of the hard drive hits the turning disk. That would be a mechanical problem and they do happen.

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    You could try booting into Safe Mode and then save all your files incase you aren't able to save them normally. To do this: While the machine is starting up, press F8, you will then be presented with a screen with numerous options. Choose Safe Mode. This will load just the amount of files necessary to operate Windows. You can then save whatever you need onto a flash drive or something of the sort. If you're computer won't even boot into Windows then you will end up having to reinstall Windows on the computer, which unfortunately will erase all your data currently on the hard drive.

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    Well crashes can be caused by any number of things. Culd be related to unstable drivers for devices. It could be caused by certain programs that were installed. It could simply be the operating system.

    Don't listen to anyone that says XYZ OS is the best, because they ALL crash.

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    How long is a piece of string?

    Lots of things is the answer, hardware failure, software failure, bugs, user error. incompatible software, incompatible hardware, disk corruption.

    It's normally a software issue sometimes a bug in the program but often something the user has done.

    It's always possible to fix if you have enough information (which I don't) and if you fix it you will know what caused it so you don't do that again.

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    What makes a computer crash?



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    virus protection, might have also been a hardware flook, so high quality computer company is good too.

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    maybe it got some of those spyware or viruses. Run one of those checks for problems.

    Or... get a mac

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