Can somebody please tell me what this means?

Okay, I know this is in the wrong section but no one answers anything in homework help I just checked so I'm answering it here so I can atleast get an Idea. I have to write a speech about why we shouldn't substantially increase public health assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa. I found a source that said foreign aid props up corrupt dictators. What makes a dictator corrupt? and What does 'prop up' mean? Can someone please tell me? I'm only taking answers the evening of November 12th so anyone seeing this after that date doesn't need to answer. Thanks a bunch.

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    Propping up corrupt dictators would mean that the head honcho of wherever took the money that was sent by aid groups to buy medicine, hire doctors, and build hospitals, and used it instead to buy cars for his chief of security and women for his cabinet, so they will continue to support him as he uses whatever might and trade his country has for personal enrichment.

    Usually the dictator will use a little of the money to put a few european med students in doctor suits in some hut somewhere, and make a show of complaining that all of the technology that they'd ordered and paid for in advance somehow mysteriously never showed up....could the aid agencies please send some more?

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    prop up means to support. a dictator is corrupt because he's taking the money and using it to buy car's or MILITARY and not for the people that the foreign dollars was meant for.

    that simple

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    Basically, aid sent to most 3rd world countries are used in large part, or in their entirety to suppress the people, not help them. Most third world countries are that way because they have dictatorships and a lack of personal freedom. Dictatorships get money and buy weapons for their army or build palaces instead of feeding their people, or even if we send food instead of money, they simply sell it and do the same. If foreign aid actually went to the people who need it I wouldn't be nearly as negative toward it as I am, but it is simply stupid to keep giving material and money to nations that don't use it for its intended purpose.

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