where can i buy a machine to make puerto rican pasteles?

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    If you have a food processor, you have to buy a grinding blade otherwise here are some websites that may help you.

    www.tiendalationo.com They sell the actual machine, the ones used in Puerto Rico ($239)

    www.masaperfecta.com This website sells the grinding blade that ONLY fits certain models of Black & Decker food processor.

    I suggest you buy the blade because the actual machine for pasteles is ONLY good to make pasteles while the food processor is good for a variety of things.

    Good luck and Buen provecho!

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    Pasteles Machine

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    tamales and pasteles are totally different things. mexicans do tamales and puerto ricans do pasteles. If i were you personally I would not buy them online, you dont know how people might turn out to be or sell you old stuff. U can look online places to eat like little restaurants or latin supermarkets that have food available and talk to a cook there and pay them extra for the extra work of doing pasteles some people would do it for a few bucks.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    where can i buy a machine to make puerto rican pasteles?

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    How To Make Pasteles

  • 4 years ago

    I'm told in the Plaza Mercado of downtown Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.

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    well it is easier to make pasteles to have a machine.. but my house we do it the old school way.. we don't got those fancy machine.. but you can get it depending where you live at little spanish stores.. i mean in Miami florida we have lots of little shops that sell them and in fort myers, cape coral, leigh hight florida..

    but if you don't live in florida here's a website you can order it from


    or email this guy that sells them..


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    I don't think there is one, is there? They are just as time consuming as tamales, but much much better!! But I don't think there are any shortcuts to making them.

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