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Help! My father joined Jama'at Tableegh???

And he is Arab!!! How to point him to better movements, like Salafis? How to cure his heart of this weakness, so he can hold to true Islam and abandon traditionalism and dho'afa (weak hadeeth)?

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    LOL... You really made me laugh! That's like the best question ever on YA! I'm starring you and adding you in my contacts.

    Although the aqeedah of Tableeghi Jamaat is not very strong, they are still Muslim (although Maturidhi), unlike some other sects. Their problems, apart from maturidhi qaeedah, are use of weak ahadeeth, as you've mentioned, then belief in "mubarak" number of days for 'khurooj', the 'khurooj' itself (the asHab r.a. did go out to da'wah, but not the way Tableeghis do it), not practicing forbidding of evil, lack of knowledge on fundamentals of 'aqeedah, not preaching aqeedah...

    You're right, Arabs are extremely rare in Tableegh, although there are some, and I have met some Tableeghis from Syria in Makkah when I was out with my friend. They were trying to preach their stuff to us, but at the end we nded up teaching them about tawheed...LOL

    Nice guys though, very eager for Islam, they've listened to us alhamdulillah, and distanced themselves from Tableegh, and used their stay in Holy Land to learn more about true Islam.

    Some of the Jamaat-e Tableegh are on shirk though, and are thus no longer Muslims. Extreme Tableeghis are rarely found among Arabs, but common in South and South-East Asia.

    Give your father some great works of Ahl al-sunnah wal-jam3ah to read, especially Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Qayyim, and show him this site, it contains data about Tableeghis too (in my sources).

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    oH Boy! the whole madh'hab belief makes me REALLY confused, and I think ahlus sunnah waljama'ah are the ones we should follow, salafis shouldn't call themselves salafi, because all of us follow the salaf, and tabi'een, and so on and so forth. As long as your father doesn't become indulged in bid'ah, he's Ok, because i know many tableegh jamati people who get indulged in ALOT of bid'ah, and i try to advise them, but they do not listen even if its a sahih (authentic) hadith.

    I guess your father will realize whether something is bid'ah or not once he starts joining them, and insha-Allah i'm sure his intentions are pure.

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    Brother, I know what you mean. I see them and talk to them all the time. Basically the main points I talk to them about is how they waste their time and money. Instead, they could take this money and effort and put it in a young heart to learn Islam and support him so that he can walk in earth and spread Islam. See, Sahabah used to go individually, unless they go to a leader who might attack them when going individually or so. Show him what Salaf used to do and say. Brother, to teach him, you need to learn too. Also, get a lecture of a good scholar who shows their Aqeedah and show the flaws in it. Walking from door to door wearing sunnah and talking to people about things they're not interested in... now, how does that count as "beneficial"? So, read up on Salaf's stories and share it with him. May Allah guide those people.

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    i think hed be better off being a pagan like me far less argument that way

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    Whats wrong with your father joining Jama'at Tableegh? Who is to judge what is a better movement? Maybe you are following western Ideas saying it is weak. It is rude for you to judge your fathers intents. What is the need to join salafis as long as your father is following Islam? Do you know what are the parts of Salafi? Do you know the meaning of Salafi? Osama bin Laden is a and he dyes his hair black...

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    Well as long as he practising does it matter?

    As for the Wahabi/Selefi's are a group full of problems as far as my concerned. This is better group than that!!

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