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Losing 10 pounds in a month.?

ok, so i eat a small lunch and dinner every day..

im around 155 pounds, male, 5"9.. i know im not fat i just want to know that if i run 45 mins on the treadmill a day for a whole month will i be toned by the end?

just wondering because im going to mexico next month.

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    u should put a little weightlifting or ab exercises in there to get the result you want... running will help with losing weight and 10lbs in a month is easily attainable if you stick to that

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    Hmm. Why don't you boost that 45 minutes up to an hour, just to be on the safe side? And muscle weighs more than fat, so don't let the scale be your judge. Let YOU be your judge. Keep on working hard and by the end of the month, see if you made any progress. That treadmill routine will most likely work.

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    yeah i think thats a very healthy diet!!

    dont eat small lunches and dinners...

    my mom is also on a diet, and she is on weight watchers.

    for the past two months, almost every day shes went to the gym for 45 minutes...she eats healthy brakfasts and lunches and dinners-but not tiny ones...

    like omelettes with cheese, or oatmeal, etc...

    for lunch she eats salad-vegetable

    and for dinner anything not fried...

    on saturdays she eats meals and not low-fat...

    shes lost 25 lbs in the past 2 months...

    good luck!

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    no not really just your legs. but when i want to lose weight then this is what i do, i don't drink pop and i lost 8lbs in one week. i have been skipping lunch. i' doing this because, I'm joining basket ball. i bench 45lbs and i do sets of 8 4x's. but just do what i do and it should work out

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    your legs will be toned and you will loose some weight, but if you want abs you need to do some sit ups and other core strengthening exercises.

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    if you are that determined you can do anything just no overdoing please

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