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This about buying a condo in the Philippines?

Under Philippine law non Filipinos can not own land, only structures. You can lease the land from a Filipino. However you can own a Condo or Townhouse. In the case of Condos, my question is a simple one; what are the usual monthly fees that are part of owning a Condo. I only wish that here in the US we had similar restrictions

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    The fees would only be the shared costs for the building's security and maintenance, plus cost of utilities in shared/common/public areas like corridors and lobbies.

    The rate depends on the size of the unit. The computation is on an amount per square meter basis.

    I have a place where I pay P6,000.00 (equivalent of US$140.000 per mont). Rates vary by condo type and location.

    Of course, this does not include the cost of utilities for your unit, like your own water and electricity, telephone and cable bills.

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    Usual fees would be:

    1) Condo association fees

    2) Maintenance fees

    3) Property tax

    the actual amount is dependent on the Condominium by-laws (1&2) as well as the cut/size (1,2 &3 ) of the condo you purchased.

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    Owning a Condo in the Philippines is the same as owning a condo here in America. You pay the normal monthly maintenance fee. Depending on how expensive or luxurious your condo is also depends on how much you are going to pay.

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