Blackberry woes...three questions I can't find an answer to ANYWHERE..can you help?

Feel free to answer all or just one of these questions:

I tried loading some windows media videos (wmv) on my blackberry but it said it couldn't play them. What types of media are accepted by blackberry?

I can change my ringtones but can't find out how to change my text message notification tone. How do I do this?

Are there any free Yahoo messenger downloads that actually work? The one I downloaded from Yahoo says "phone not configured"

I was under the impression that I could "teather" my Blackberry to my laptop and use its internet connection. Is this a myth because I have not found any instructions on how to do it.


Thanks for the answer so far, but if Blackberry has a "videos" section, why can't it accept videos?

There is no option in the advanced section of profiles for ringtones for messages on the Blackberry Curve.

PDAs CAN teather for internet access. It was one of the features that was advertised, which is why I bought the phone.

Update 2:

I have tried calling. I'm coming here because customer service was no help.

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    The best place to find accurate information when your carrier's technical support people are being stupid is the BlackBerry knowledge base. Here are some relevant articles:

    1. Supported media types (note wmv is supported if properly encoded):

    2. To change notifications for text messaging or emails or any other notification, click on the "profiles" icon and scroll down until you can't scroll down anymore. Click "advanced." This shows you a list of profiles, including the one that is enabled. Scroll to the one that is enabled, press the menu key (the key with all the dots on it to the left of the trackball) and choose to "edit." Then scroll down to SMS (short-messaging service) and click on it. This gives you the option to change the tone, the volume, whether or not you want it to vibrate, etc. Press the back arrow to the right of the trackball when you are done and choose save to keep your changes.

    3. To the the official Yahoo! messenger client for the BlackBerry, click on the Browser icons and go to the following address:

    4. To tether your BlackBerry to your computer, you will need some carrier-specific information, so you will need to call them to get it, but here's the BlackBerry KB article on how to do it:

    Hope this helps!

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    Ringtones can be loaded with the blackberry manager software.

    I also have used the browser and downloaded ringtones from directly onto my Blackberry.

    I have yahoo mobile on my Blackberry and it works with my GPS on the 8800.

    You can teather the Blackberry but it will be slow unless you had Verizon or Sprint and you don't.

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    1) MP3's. It does not accept WMV's

    2) go into "profiles". scroll down until it says "advanced". click on it. click on the profile for which you want to change ur text message ringtone for, and click on edit. Click on SMS (or MMS, if you wish), and there is a feature there to change it

    3) call your phone company and get the service books needed to configure for yahoo messenger downloads. you might not be subscribed.

    4) again call your phone company, you'll probably need additional software and they should have a support line for it. rogers has a support line specifically for blackberrys. not sure which one you use.

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    first try actually calling the customer care center to get these answers second phones CANT connect to the web through pcs unless you hack your phone but i dont think thats smart

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