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Do hamsters hibernate during the winter season?

Just wundering :)

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    No, only in the wild but if its cold where the hamster lives even if its a house then the hamster will hibernate my friend had this problem she buried hers alive because she thought the little poor thing was dead but he was hibernating because he was next to a really cold window that was frosty but he was in a shoebox n he chewed himself out so he didn't die and mine didn't hibernate once and i live in England where its cold....=]

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    superb call lol a million)Hamsters do no longer hibernate. They circulate right into a hibernation like state -i'm going to tell you why whilst answering different questions- 2. save the room they are in approximately fifty 8 stages -that shouldnt be demanding- 3. If this is ineffective it won't circulate in case you poke it, it is going to likely be stiff, and ineffective chilly. 4. often curled right into a ball 5. IF it is hibernating (Which it is going to no longer except its under fifty 8 stages the place the yare slumbering/ in that room) you in elementary terms ought to warmth up the room and the hamster will awaken by using itself 6. in the event that they are in hibernation like state too long they could die specific, yet thats some months and why might you save it that chilly that long? 7. No they only hibernate if its chilly/bellow fifty 8 stages. 8. No. it may cause them to unwell, sicne its no longer hibernation like bears, its in elementary terms a state thats like it. 9. No. it is going to be difficulty-free to get him out of it, and a vet wouldnt have the skill to do something. 10. specific you may. Hamsters are Crepusclar -that's like being nocturnal- they are often asleep for the duration of day and greater conscious at nightfall and first gentle. and night. 11. No. It has to get quite chilly to cause them to hibernate 12. nicely no longer too warm no longer too chilly, often chilly is greater helpful even nonetheless they are dessert animals. My house is approximately sixty 4-sixty 8 stages and my hamsters do only wonderful, however the favorite the homestead they ought to stay in for all time must be no greater effective than 87 stages. desire I helped Sloan Keychain Sorry for any typing errors

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    Hamsters will hibernate, but they usually do not survive hibernation. It's imperative to keep them inside where it's warm. Extremely cold temperatures or a sudden, drastic drop in temperature will cause them to go into hibernation. Once that happens, they are extremely difficult to save. As long as they are inside where temperatures are relatively stable and never fall below freezing, they should not go into hibernation.

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    Yes if kept permanently in chilly conditions (eg unheated bedroom). Bring the cage back into a warmer room and leave him to sort himself out - whilst crossing all fingers, and anything else you have spare.

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    Nope. I had a hamster and she never did that. Even if they are wild hamsters, they won't do that because the don't live in areas where it snows.

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    i had a hamster and thought it was dead but then mum sed 2 put it on the radiator and after a while she woke up :)

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    No. I had one for 3 years and it never did anything like that... They aren't like bears.

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    nope because theyre indoors and its warm!

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    they do not. you wouldnt have em as pets otherwise.

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