If a relative's truck was towed due to the driver having a suspended license, any way to have it released now?

Specifically, can the owner of the vehicle have the truck released from the private impound since it wasn't registered to that person who was cited? We are trying to avoid waiting the expensive and ridiculous Los Angeles, California 30-day hold. And yes, we are aware that the driver shouldn't have had been driving the vehicle. So please, any suggestions? It has currently been over 2 days since the approximate time of impounding. We do not want to end up paying 1200-1500 after 30 days.

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    Smith v. Santa Rosa Police Dept. (2002) 97 Cal.App.4th 546

    Mikeysco's Y!A: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=200710...

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    Call the impound company, and ask if it can be released to the legal owner with proof if title. If they say no, go to the police dept. ask for the lieutenant on duty, ask if he/she will give a release paper. Tell them you had no idea the driver had a suspended license when they borrowed the vehicle, if they say no, send a letter to the chief and politely ask, he says no, go to the Mayor. Going up the chain of command works in many cases.

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    It may be expensive and ridiculous but the 30 day impound is also not negotiable.

    Not only should the unlicensed drive not be driving, but the owner became responsible when he/she gave them permission to drive.

    The owner is as guilty as the driver.

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    in case your suspension changed into already lifted then you should already be eligible to receive your renewal. the challenge with mass is money. in case you do not have it then they don't care. I had a $ninety parking fee ticket that must have fallen of my windshield in Cambridge. 3 months later i have been given a letter contained in the mail for a suspension. It value me $900 to get my license again over a parking fee ticket. Plus that $ninety fee ticket grew to change into into $three hundred. Take an afternoon without work to go on your nearest RMV. they ought to inform you the steps if any you could take. basically wish you do not owe extra hidden costs like i did. good success.

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