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An Occasion When You Were Late?

Describe an (important) occasion when you were late.

You should say:

when this happened

what occasion you were late for

why you were late

and explain what happened as a result of your lateness. *


and explain why this occasion was so important. *


and explain how you felt when you were late. *

Thank you :)

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    Some individuals are always late. No matter what the occasion or why, what they are clearly stating is that they are more important than everyone else.

    The consequences are usually others getting mad at them, relationships ending, or missing an event. However these consequences are minor to their own self importance. Therefore, they don't feel much of anything when they are late.

    My sister is always late and it has gotten to the point of expecting us to hold Christmas 4 hours later when she arrives (with unwrapped gifts that she runs to the back to wrap them). For years, the family waited. Each year delayed another hour. Now we just go ahead and eat without her. Neither tactic has gotten her to arrive remotely close to on time.

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    Since this question was obviously assigned to you, how will it help you to discuss how I was late? How would you defend your homework that discusses my situation, and not yours?

    Good luck!

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