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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

What are 3 characteristics of colonial Mexico?

need help :P, please and thank u =[.

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    First it wasn't Mexico back then, from the 1500's to 1821 it was called New Spain.

    The people of New Spain were organized into a caste system, BY LAW. In New Spain when a baby was baptized, it was assigned FOR LIFE to a CASTE by the baptismal priest. This made the baptismal priest very important since he decided and declared at the baptismal to which caste the baby belonged. This led to the corruption of the priesthood as a well placed bribe to a priest could improve your child's standing for the rest of it's life.

    Priest had almost total control of the spread of information. Few people could read or write, at that time. The local priest was the individual who read public announcements and governmental decrees to the population after sermons. Therefore, the local priests could control how and when the people heard the news.

    To sum up some characteristics of Mexico during the colonial period : 1) " Mexico" was controlled by Spain and known as New Spain.

    2) The people were put into and governed by a caste system. (See source for an explanation of the caste system)

    3) Corruptible priests controlled the daily lives of the people.

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