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Why do people hate "Batman and Robin"?

I hear this listed so much as one of the worst movies ever.

but to me it wasnt that bad.

it had a good story line, great cast at the time

only thing i have against it is Bane.

In Batman Comics, Bane beat the living daylights out of Batman and paralyzed him (at least temp)

Batman hands over the suit to a aprentice but when he gets out of hand with the job, a healed batman must take back his job.


ok so what was wrong with it?

Update 2:

could someone actually answer my question

what is it you hate abut it?

what was wrong with it.

so far i havent got jack in the way of answers.

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    I am a comic book fan and a film buff for more decades than most people around Y!A have been alive. I have read, traded and sold more comic books than most, and I've seen every superhero interpretation that I possibly could, as far back as the DC movie serials.

    I say that there are far, far worse films than "Batman & Robin", which I'm watching right now. Where is the hate factor focused? This is a solid story with excellent progression and various plotlines that are interwoven and dealt with satisfactorily. If the hatred if from those who don't want any of the light touch and even campiness of the TV series, remember that DC treated "Batman" lightly for a very long time, just as they did with "Superman". So, this film merely reflects some of that. Also, every film in the series, except for "Batman Begins", has tended to have that light touch when it comes to villains.

    Besides, dark, brooding Batman, as with Christian Bales, isn't all that attractive to many people. I prefer "Batman & Robin" over the gloomy "Batman Begins" which I heard so much praise for.

    Why the complaint about characters? If you know the comics, you know the characters, no matter how many are added. I don't understand the problem there because most of the people attending the movie know about these other people of that universe; no one is a surprise to the audience. "X-Men" fans were battling to have their favorites introduced, so I didn't see a problem with coming up with many additions to any of the superhero films.

    Right now, I'm watching Poison Ivy at the charity event. Does anyone get the reference to Marlene Dietrich's entrance in a gorilla costume in "Blonde Venus"? After disrobing from the suit, she performs "Hot Voodoo". Thus, this makes a bow to a scene many filmlovers are familiar with. I think there are wonderful moments throughout this film from everyone, particularly Uma Thurman bringing Ivy to life and Arnold Schwarzenegger perfect as Mr. Freeze, reminding me of Otto Preminger in the series, which is quite a compliment to me.

    The sets are as spectacular as in the other films, and the chases and battles are remarkable. There's no question where the money went. Gotham is captured on film once again. Once more, the monolithic structures are awe-inspiring, matching waht went before.

    So, did people like the Michael Keaton films? Let's say that people don't think the Riddler, the Joker, and Two Face are overboard, yet they object to Ivy and Freeze. Michelle Pfeiffer gave us a terrific portrayal of Catwoman, and I think Poison Ivy is equivalent. Danny DeVito is just as overboard as all of the other male villains. The rule all along has been over-the-top, and there's no denying that.

    So, I don't understand the attacks. I don't understand the rather snooty attitude. I think people have been so spoiled by these dazzling films that they can toss some to the side thoughtlessly, probably judging them by one or two viewings.

    I consider myself extremely knowledgeable about films and filmmaking, and I approve of this film. I like George Clooney's portrayal of Bruce Wayne AND Batman. He's the first one I've truly approved of. I'm not a Chris O'Donnell fan, but he does a good job, too. I'm disappointed that Barbara underwent a family change and is no longer a redhead (which I am), but I admire Alicia Silverstone and think she does a wonderful job.

    Not to be a "yes person", but I do agree about Bane, who reminds me too much of the warriors in "Beastmaster". Remember them? I do think he's a weakness, but that's not bad for the whole film.

    Wow! How could someone not think that the chase out onto the gargantuan arm and hand isn't amazing?! I am terrified of heights, so that scene with Robin's motorcycle slide gives me shudders, as does the later crash in which Dick saves Barbara.

    Finally, Michael Gough as Alfred was focused on in this film, and that's wonderful! I've admired this actor since I first started noticing him in the Sixties, when I started matching names with faces. In this film, he's not just in the background. That's one plotline I won't complain about.

    So, I guess you have at least one person on your side. Why, this might be a cult film~one of the biggest-budgeted cult films ever!

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    In my opinion, it just didn't work as well overall as some of the other Batman movies have. I actually had the chance to speak to Michael Uslan, the producer of the Batman movies, five years ago during my freshman year of college. I asked him why the George Clooney movie (and, to some extent, Val Kilmer's as well) were considered so bad and how he felt about them. He admitted that even he felt that they were bad and that he felt the others involved were less concerned about the final product and more concerned with merchandising (action figures, comics, lunchboxes) around the film. Uslan gave a lecture at my university and is an alumnus (Indiana University).

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    Because Batman isn't suppossed to be campy and silly.

    The only exception is the 1966-68 Adam West TV series, because A) that's how I got introduced to the character as a kid, and I'm sure the same can be said for other fans; and B) we love Adam West! "Batman and Robin" is truly one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. It was everything that was bad about "Batman Forever", only on overkill. If that floats your boat, I feel sorry for you, but whatever.

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    dude you have no taste in movies. batman and robin was horrid. i blame joel schumacher he tried to make it a living comic book and he failed miserably.

    i agree they reduced the great character of Bane to a dopey henchman. and the cast was a major problem they had too many people all trying to hog time. and the governator arnuld was a pretty terrible actor and trying to fit 15 people into a 2 hour movie and introduce 4 new characters - Mr Freeze, poison ivy, Bane, Batgirl with background stories?? it was too much. and badly done. the same problem is killing spiderman they have too many characters and not enough time to develop them.

    the batman and robin script was bad it was a studio rehash job nothing creative at all probably none of the writers had read a comic book with any of the characters at all. how many more reasons do you want?

    Sorry for being so offended if its your thing and you enjoyed batman and robin thats fine enjoy it . its a personal taste thing we just dont share it

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    because they arent even superheroes they just choose to wear tights, queers. By the way, notice even though robin joins the team in the movies theres only one capsule, maybe they should change it to give man and take boy.

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    It's a crap movie. Face it. It has nothing good happening and the storyline has been used thousands of times.

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    Because it sucks.

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