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? asked in 教育及參考書教學 · 1 decade ago

Some questions about drug (20marks will be given)

1.a) Why somebody choose to stay with their friends who are drug addicts?

1.b) Actually, what is their hearty desire?

2. What is your perspective of their drug abuse behaviour?

3. If your friends who are drug addicts, what advice will you give him/her in order to help him/her to cope with hard times and for having fun in life - without turning to drugs.


*For those questions, it is a must to answer in complete sentences and make sure your answer is clearly enough. If you do not know how to answer the questions, just skip them or just try.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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    1) in my own opion , it is normal for somebody to stay with their friend who are drug addicts , because i dont think it will be a porblem unless it do any harm to other,also , being friend isnt just mean stick with them when they are good, it also mean that give them support and care and sometime , even love.and if you are a really good friend with some one , no matter he is sick , taking drug ,or even causing serious crimal like murder, thay will still stick with them and give them the support to help them .

    2)in this question ,l m not sure what u mean by 'their',friend or the people that take drug, so i m going to answer both.

    for a drug taker, i believe they might have some unsettle feeling or some time , being force by friends, i beleive if they still have the desire of getting rid of it sometime as the drug are doing no good, but sometime, they might think that the drug can help them balance themself , halping them to settle themself,or to get themself in the mood,so for them , drug might provide the help to make themself happier and getting more friend as they think they are cooler, and might be as they being force into drug.

    3)if my friend are drug addict, i think i might give them my best hope ,and talk with him/her more about it , because i think everybody will have a very hard time to cope with in their life and all they need is more support and love, because for the different time , different situation , different decision will made, any body could change their mind in any second ,as if you want an advice, i think this is what i will take to my friend if he/she take drug for a time to cope with,

    ''hey, every one have a diffcuit time in life, so get up , and face it , if u dont think u r strong enought , take me with u , i m here, standing out with u just do it ,mate~ if you are brave enought to take this little drug that might kill you, i believe you have the courage to face the problem , time wil gone by and if u continue ,later on , u will regrate on what you have done, u will be thinking , oh?is that how my best year in my life waste , hoe silly of me,XXX(name of person) stand up , face it , i will be with you!!''

    for the people who take it for fun

    ''great !look at hat have you done now ?FUN! you called this FUN?????dont you know how worry your family and i m ??if you want FUN , u can do so many thing, dont u have enoguh fun now????stop this before it is too late , i know it will be hard, but stop it , believe me , mate , this is not FUN .....''

    sorry abvout some of them might be in txt language , i do that cause i often speak in txt language in msn and i just get used to it ,

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