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護照 - 國家簽證 - 機票 - 現金 - 旅行支票 - 身份証 - 捐血卡 - 信用卡 - 國際學生証 - 國際駕駛執照

近照 - 青年旅舍証 - 火車証 - 旅遊保險單 - 領事館電話號碼 - 防疫注射証明 - 個人藥物記錄

酒店留位証明 - 機票 - 信用卡 - 身份証影印本

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近照 - 青年旅舍証 - 火車証 - 旅遊保險單 - 領事館電話號碼 - 防疫注射証明 - 個人藥物記錄

酒店留位証明 - 機票 - 信用卡 - 身份証影印本

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蚊怕水 - 梳/鏡 - 梳洗袋 - 皂液 - 快乾吸水毛巾 - 牙簽 - 洗頭用品 - 旅行小樽 - 衛生巾 - 揩合膠水盤 隱形眼鏡清潔液 - 餐具


正露丸 - 止痕膏 - 眼藥水 - 止血布 - 醫生處方藥物 - 護膚膏 - 小剪刀 - 厚護墊 - 維生素 - 防曬露

止暈腕帶 - 抗菌膏 - 小鉗子


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    Is there an airport bus to the city? 這裏有從機場去市中心的巴士嗎 ?

    Where is the bus stop (taxi stand)? 巴士車站在哪里 ?

    How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi? 乘計程車到市中心需要多少錢

    Keep the change, please 不用找錢了

    Take me to this address, please 請拉我去這個地址

    How long does it take to go to the city centre ? 到市中心需要多長時間?

    Stop here, please 請停下來。

    What time does it leave? 幾點發車?

    Where can I get a ticket? 在哪裏賣票?

    Could you tell me when we get there? 請問幾點能夠到達那裏。


    Thank you but I'm just looking. 謝謝,可是我只是看看。

    Let me look around a little more. 讓我自己看看

    Do you have this in another color? 這個有別的顏色嗎?

    May I try this on? 我可以試穿這個嗎?

    Is this tax free? 這免稅嗎?

    Can I pay by credit card? 我可不可以用信用卡付帳?

    Too expensive. How about a discount? 太貴了,打個折吧?

    Can you cut me a deal? 你可以算便宜一點嗎?

    Is this your final price? 不能再便宜了嗎?

    I want this, but in a large size. 我要大一點的

    I would like to take this one. 我要買這個。

    Please wrap this for me. 請幫我把這個包起來。

    What time do you open/close? 你們幾點營業/打烊?

    Where can I change money? 我要哪裏換錢?


    I would like to have a morning Call at 8:00 in the morning.


    I'd like to order room service, please.我要食物送到房間的服務。

    I'd like a room for two with separate beds.我要兩張床的房間。

    I'd like as extra bed for room 702.我要在702房多加一張床。

    When is check out time? 退房的適合時間?

    I am interested in booking a room.我想訂房。

    Could I book a double room for 3 days from ...(日期)日期).


    How much is a double room for 1 night? 雙人床一晚多少呢?

    Your booking is confirmed.你的訂房已經生效了。

    Do you have a bus service from the airport? 有飯店的bus在機場接送嗎?

    Could you fax me a map of how to get to the hotel?


    Could you show me my room? 你可以帶我到我的房間嗎?

    Where is the emergency exit and staircase? 緊急出口和樓梯在那裏?

    The sheets are dirty.床單很髒。

    There's no running hot water in my room.我房間沒有熱水。

    I'll arrive late, but please keep my reservation.我會晚一點到達,請保留所預訂的房間。

    What time can I have breakfast? 早餐幾點開始供應?

    Could you keep my valuables? 是否可代為保管貴重物品?

    I'd like to check out. My bill, please.我要退房。請給我帳單。

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