ann arbor, mi jobs?

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    There are several places to find out about job opportunities in Ann Arbor.

    The Ann Arbor News & Ann Arbor Observer have classified sections that list employment opportunities. Their online version is linked below.

    MLive also has several listings, as does your typical online job sources like Craig's list, Yahoo jobs, Career builder, etc. etc.

    Also, definitely look into job opportunities at the University of Michigan, the largest employer in town. Nurses are always needed, but there's a whole host of other opportunities from secretaries to lab workers to gardening staff.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Ann Arbor News/Observer Classifieds: MLive: University of Michigan:
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    Check with they have lots of local jobs.

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    university of Mivhigan football coach LLLLLLoyd is going to say goodbye/

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