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I have a 30 gallon fish tank with three big gold fish , had fish for four months .?

the water was always clear and clean until about four days the filter keeps getting so dirty that i have to change it everyday, and the water is so cloudy..what's going on?? can it be the new fish food ??and can i put in some water conditioner, i just put in a new filter what else can i do to make the water clear again..the fish are not happy right now..please help my fish they don't look good and looks like they need air..

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    First of all, examine your feeding habit for the three fish. Over feeding is almost always the cause of poor water quality which in turn, causes all kinds of problems. Second, invest in a good brand fish food like Sera or JBL and feed only Spirulina. Third, do not change the filter wool too often. You may rinse it off but do not change it everytime you change water or when the tank is cloudy. You need to built a strong colony of beneficial becteria within the filtration system so that it can keep your tank Crystal Clear. Water change alone will not give you lasting clear water. Get yourself a bottle of Cycle or Nitrivec to help increase the good becteria buildup quickly. Your feeding schedule for the fish should be only two at most three teaspoonful (leveled) of whatever fish food you have per day. What you need to do now is to do a partial water change (like 1/3), get the Cycle or Nitrivec (brandname for the good bacteria) and add it directly into the filter and into the tank. If you can regulate the water flow into the tank, then, slow it down as much as possible. Gold fish likes air bubble so it is a good idea to have a gentle flow of air bubbles. Also, introduction of vegetation to the tank can greatly improve water and fish wellness but make sure they are of the thick leaf kind and not Cabomba or moss since it will be eaten up with delight. A good suggestion is a plant call onion bulb. Goldfish are vegetarians and can only digest vegetables. This should help out your problem. It will still take a few days before you see your tank clear up and once it does, it will stay as long as you try to follow these steps by maintaining partial water change every two weeks and rinse the filter wool every month.......assuming you have the right size for your tank.

    Good luck and enjoy.


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    For one element you've thanks to many fish in that tank, there is no longer even sufficient room for 4 gold fish now to not teach the different fish you've. like all different human being said you mustn't be blending tropical fish with chilly water fish. Mary is probable to crowded because of all the different fish. you're stunting her boost. you should take all the different fish out besides the gold fish then ASAP get a 50 or 60 gallon tank for them for basically your goldfish.

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