hey people what do you think is better Hd dvd or blu-ray?

ok i cant decide on getting a blu-ray player or a hd dvd player what do u think? tell me why the one u chose is better

plox thkyou

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    Some good answers and some dead wrong too.

    Here's my take.

    First question should be can you take advantage of HD? If you don't have a 1080p HDTV, preferably ~40" or more, and with an HDMI input you won't see much benefit from either HD format (relative to a good upscaling DVD player).

    If your equipment 'qualifies' here are some considerations re choosing a format.

    First, there is no noticable difference in video or audio quality from the two formats.

    Second, the much touted higher storage and higher bitrate capacity of Blu-Ray vs HD DVD is irrelevent in the real world. All movies fit either format, and the effect of bitrate -- in an era of efficient audio compression and advanced psychacoustics -- is unimportant. In fact some lower bit rate sound tracks are BETTER than higher ... including "lossless" PCM.

    The real difference is in hardware. The HD DVD format is a stable, mature format (current players are 3rd generation ... with each iteration being sleeker, higher performance and lower cost ... but all meeting the complete HD DVD spec), while Blu-Ray is a 'work in progress'. All existing Blu-Ray players fail to meet the recently adopted BD-Video (1.1) spec, and because so many of the features that are mandatory in the HD DVD spec are optional in the Blu-Ray world the movie studios don't know what to program for (one of the main reasons Blu-Ray disks are often released later than HD DVD versions or have fewer special features .. for example picture in picture and on-line extras (even the recent 1.1 Blu-Ray spec doesn't require a LAN (Internet) connection ... that isn't required until V2.0).

    I could go on, but the conclusion is plain, Blu-Ray, from a hardware perspective is a mess ... and there is no hope of fixing it in new players until at least late this year, and more likely Q1 of 2008.

    From a price perspective, the intro level (1080i) HD DVD is much cheaper than any of the Blu-Ray players (though to be fair, when comparing similar 1080p machines prices are much closer (although remember the earlier point about existing Blu-Ray players being crippled relative to all HD DVD models!)).

    Now the big question ... will either format 'win'. The jury is out, although a conclusion is likely by the end of Q1 2008, since by that time Warner will probably decided which format to abandon (Dreamworks & Paramount abandoned Blu-Ray a couple of months ago), and that decision will decide the 'war'.

    Currently HD DVD are on a bit of a roll, having sold 90,000 players over the US Thanksgiving weekend ... and that may translate into disk sales (or it may not). In Europe, 75% of stand alone players are HD DVD, while in the US it's about 60%. BUT, disk sales favour Blu-Ray.

    However, given that only 14% of US households have an HDTV (the basic requirement to take advantage of either HD disk format), and only a portion of them can benefit from HD disks (Because many HDTVs don't have HDMI inputs, or are only 720p models, or are too small). So ... the current proportion of all disks sold (about 95% DVD and 5% HD DVD or Blu-Ray) is more or less a limit until 1080p HDTV penetration increases. And by then on-line HD downloads (facilitated by more efficient compression formats) may be a more viable option. After all, MP3s have demonstrated that convenience is more important to most people than quality (CD, SACD, DVD-A, etc), and the same could prove true for HD video.

    The bottom line is that HD DVD and Blu-Ray, whether one 'wins' or not, is destined to be a niche format for some time to come.

    Unless you really want to jump in now, I'd wait before buying. Prices can only come down, movie choice improve, and rental options expand (cf purchase of ridiculously high priced HD disks).

    I personally have an HD DVD, but won't be buying very many disks since there are very few movies worth the price gouge for the small incremental quality improvement I get over DVDs on my 1080i projector and 110" screen using an Oppo upsampling DVD player.

    Objective analysis suggests consumers are being herded by ads and hype to spend $$$ to buy into something that is crippled (HDCP, BD+, HDMI and other half baked or anti-consumer overhead) and of little real benefit.

    If you do want to try HD disks for yourself, go for HD DVD ... it will cost you less, allow you to play HD DVD disks and give you a good upscaling DVD player to play the standard DVD version of kids pictures on (where most Blu-Ray disks aim) or as a player for your existing DVDs after the future becomes clearer.

    Hope this helps.

  • I like HD because it is just as good as blu ray but it is far less expensive. Plus it has technology that will digitally "upscale" your DVD collection that you already have.

    So much about the clarity of the picture has to do with the type of TV you have and the connection (HDMI is becoming the standard, I have it and its great) and how the TV is calibrated to your liking IE color, saturation, brightness..........if you don't have a good calibration you can have the best technology in the world and you wont get a good picture.

    The bottom line is for the most cost effective solution is HD-DVD. The Blu ray lovers will tell you about the tiny little advantages of the Disc and its no scratch cover, and its tiny bit of superior memory capacity...........but in the end, its just not enough to justify spending over a hundred more dollars on a blu ray player. After all we are all getting along just fine with our regular DVD for the moment.

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    I have both - and they both are great. And I do not care if and when and who will win the war... Quality of picture is exceptional on both formats.

    Upconversion of regular DVDs is better that my previous ultra-expensive DVD player of few years back.

    You got to have at least 42" quality display to appreciate the new players.

    If in doubt:

    1. get HD-DVD first - you can find Toshiba HD-A2 for under $100 at Wallmart! And you get 5 or 7 free HD movies.

    2. If you are serious about sound, and have a HDMI 1.3a capable receiver/processor - get HD-A30 or HD-35. (If you do not know what I am talking about - go back to 1.)

    3. The cheapest BluRay is about $400 - Sony BDP-S300. And 5 or seven free movies. I am sure the prices will go down, so unless you HAVE TO HAVE SPYDERMAN 3 or some other movie which is only available on BluRay - you can get it once the prices go down more.

    4. PS3 is a great BluRay DVD player. So if you are a gamer - this is the way to go.

    5. DO NOT GET UNIVERSAL PLAYER - it cost more money than two separate players, and it has glitches.

    Whichever way you decide to go - you will be a happy trooper. New technology is great!

  • 4 years ago

    DJ Kari your answer is completely wrong. Here's why, with DVD's upconverted it still is going off the 480p signal which means that there are 480 lines (one on top of the other) to create the image you see. With Bluray the image is 1080p which means that there are 1080 lines stacked on top of each other to create the image. So there is far more clarity, sharpness, depth and color reproduction (because of the higher memory on Bluray discs). Granted upscaled DVD looks "better" than a regular DVD player, it is constructing pixels which match surrounding pixels to appear sharper. But if you place an upconverted movie next to a Bluray movie, you will see a huge difference between the two. The thing about the PS3 is that if connected to a TV via the HDMI it has upconversion and will make your regular DVD's look better, but also plays Bluray movies. An upconerting player by itself, will only play regular DVD's and not Bluray at all. With a modern reciever you can also get the new lossless audio features via Bluray which will immerse you even further in the movie with great sound. i would go with the PS3 all the way.

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    Format wars don't mean anything....I have an LG combo player that plays both and the picture is the same calibur from one format to another. It's better to have a combo player and not have to worry about not being able to watch certain movies because you have blu-ray and there's some movies that are only out on hd dvd. I enjoy the best of both worlds and I love every minute of it.

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    Blu-ray. Blu-ray is certainly the dominant format (the majority of titles sold are Blu-ray rather than HD-DVD, it outsells HD-DVD about 3:1) and the technically superior as well.

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    blu-ray coz it can store 2 times more and sounds more better. standard dvd is too small and hd dvd is too small to be much of a difference as the next format.

    Blu-ray is selling twice as many players and movies than the competition.

    hd dvd is adding features which like internet interactivity which is useless, wod just want to watch the movie not the added waste of times.

  • HD-DVD wait that was last week

    Blu-Ray Yea blu-ray is best. (what was that... Paramount went with HD-DVD)

    I changed my mind HD-DVD.

    What do you mean Blu-ray holds more info... Cool

    Blu-ray. Yes. Definitely Blu-ray

    What do you mean I can't get the Matrix in Blu-Ray

    The heck with it... I'm getting the LG HD-DVD Blu-ray player It plays Both.

  • 1 decade ago

    all you lot waffle on WAY too much

    and i would say neither i mean why not just have a good old standard one because frankly i dont see the point in Blu-ray OR HD because there is no need for them

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    Although Blu-ray may be slightly more expensive at the moment...it is much better priced in the long run and is worth it because the quality is much more superior than HD

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