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Pregnant Sword tail?

today i got 2 swordtails, i know one is pregnant not sure about the other one, how can i tell, is there anything i should know about them, and breeding, when will i have the babies i can email pictures if you email me or leave your email, giraffe3793@gmail.com, also how can i tell males and females apart


also the swordtail and some of the guppies are hanging around near the top to the tank is this normal? i heard at a certain temperture they grow more is this true?

Update 2:

how do i know when to put her in the breeder, i dont want to put her in to eairly

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    With swordtails, sexing them is easy. The males have the "sword" on their tail, the females do not. If you are unsure, or if the male is not yet fully developed, look at the fin by its anus. If it is long and straight, rather than fan like, it is a male (that is also how you tell for all other livebearers like guppies, platys, and mollies).

    Breeding of livebearers is relatively easy, it is the raising of the fry to adulthood that can prove difficult. If you have any specific questions when the time comes, feel free to email me.

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    Male swordtails have the swordlike tail, females do not. You can tell if they're pregnant if the belly is swollen and there is a black mark, which is the embryo sac. Make sure there are plants in the tank where the female can hide while giving birth. Or you may want to put her in a breeder. That's a small clear plastic box that hangs on the inside of the tank and you put the female in it before she gives birth. The top half is V-shaped with a slot on the bottom that the babies drop through when they are born. If not, the mother will eat them.

    Your tropical fish store sells baby fish food that you can feed the young until they are big enough to eat regular fish food.

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    Well first of all, you need to know for sure that they are both females. The males have the "sword" that they are named for and the females do not. If they look heavy but do not have scales that are "pine-coning" then they are probably pregnant. If the scales are sticking out or have a "pine cone" appearance, then this is called dropsy or bloat and can be cured with a fungus treatment.

    Swordtails are live bearers. If you have plenty of plant coverage in the tank for the babies, you should be fine just leaving them in there. If not, I would recommend getting a breeding net to place the pregnant fish in until she gives birth. Take the female out after wards because new mothers will often eat their fry.

    Generally, it is best to have one male to two to three females if trying to breed successfully. On fertilization can produce several clutches so if they are both females they will most likely have a few batches of fry.

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    She's a huge one. Yeah, she's pregnant. the least perplexing thank you to tell is that she'll have a depressing spot on her abdomen, good the place the single is on the photograph. She'll get larger till now she has them, could have a gaggle in a single clip too. in case you are able to(with a community tank it is going to be trouble-free) do not separate the babies from the different fish, you danger hurting them. The mesh infant cages can seize the infants between the internet and the plastic frames and kill them. had it ensue too lots myself till now I discovered. only positioned some greater plant life or caves in the tank. supply the babies places to conceal and in a pair weeks you would be taken aback what number babies start up peeking out at feeding circumstances. they are going to be better and greater waiting to work together with the different fish in the tank too. additionally the different fish would be much less susceptible to pay interest of the "you only have been given dumped in right here, are you foodstuff?" form.

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    The males will have a pointed bottom tail like this one:


    and the females have a more rounded bottom tail like this platy:


    You can tell if they are pregnant just looking by looking at their belly usually its more rounded.

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    Keep the males away from the babies, they will eat them.

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