right after I ask a girl out to the movies, what do i do after that? theres like an akward silence. help?

I'm shy and I'd turn bright red and it'd be so embarrassing. what should i do RIGHT AFTER i ask a girl out? I'm 15


Thank you guys for all your help! this is great stuff. I'm sure i'll do fine.

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    i would say being a 15 yr. old girl with a boyfriend for just over a month i would say go hang out at a juice place or starbucks occassionally. do little inexpensive activities. go bowling, ice skating, go to dinner or go to the movies and concerts, send or buy her flowers girls love that. o u meant u just asked. let her decide then maybe go and hang out and go somewhere after thats what my boyfriend did when he asked me to homecoming dance before we started dating. i hope i helped.

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    Well, first, I would recommend trying to picture yourself as a reporter interviewing someone for a special. She's the interviewee, and you are the interviewer. Ask questions that will make her talk about herself, and her interests. She will like that you want to knowe about her and want more than just a roll in the hay.

    If you are leaving a place, the movies in this case, intyerview her on how she enjoyed the movie, or if you are leaving a restaurant, how she liked the food, etc. Don't make yourself seem to pushy, and leave room to add in a comment of your own here and there. And remember to give a subtle read-between-the-lines compliment every now and again. Not too much, though!

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    Find out what kind of movies she is interested in, what was the last movie she saw. Tell her what movies you like, what the last movie you saw was. Then confirm your plans, what time your meeting her, picking her up, if your going to eat first, etc...

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    After you ask the girl out tell her you will see her there and walk away.

    When there is an ackward silence ask her what she likes

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    If she says "yes" then tell her what time to meet her their and then say "Alright, see you there!" and walk off with a smile. If she says "no" then be like "Oh, ok. I'll talk to you later." and walk off.

    Hope this helps.

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    Ask what type of movies she is interested in, or other similar conversation.

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    if she says...

    -Yes- ask her when shes available, give her the details (where and when), tell her " Great! See you then!"

    -No- say " okay then. see ya around" and walk away/hang up

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    thats really cute

    when you ask heer if she says yeah tell her great, i cant wait see you then

    if she says no then just say alright thn, talk to you later

    dont ask her why!!!

    itll make it awkward

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    just say ok i gotta go but i'll call u later. and then walk away

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