Have you read the Bears Stearns report on illegal immigration?

Update: Well said, DAR. I'm of the same opinion. People look at my pic and almost always assume I'm white.

Also . . . its not fear, its disgust with having to abide by laws that others completely ignore while I have to PAY for it.
Update 2: *laughs as if i have to prove my skin to you or anyone else . . .
Update 3: my race should not be at question here. . . why is it?
Update 5: now try to tell me who my family is.. morons
Update 6: i think it is just insane that people are trying to tell me I'm not Cherokee/Shawnee/Danish. *laughs
Update 7: Mestizo: I'd be happy to talk to you on IM. This forum is not set up for understanding anything. Email me if you are interested.
Update 8: Mestizo: I have never reported you. My questions are the ones which have been deleted. I'm against censorship. I think I have made that very clear.
Update 9: Mestizo: I offered to chat with you in IM once already. You should know better than most that your appearance, as a "cholo" or "mestizo" means very little as to what your nationality is. You're white and indigenous too
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