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Have you read the Bears Stearns report on illegal immigration?


Well said, DAR. I'm of the same opinion. People look at my pic and almost always assume I'm white.

Also . . . its not fear, its disgust with having to abide by laws that others completely ignore while I have to PAY for it.

Update 2:

*laughs as if i have to prove my skin to you or anyone else . . .

Update 3:

my race should not be at question here. . . why is it?

Update 5:

now try to tell me who my family is.. morons

Update 6:

i think it is just insane that people are trying to tell me I'm not Cherokee/Shawnee/Danish. *laughs

Update 7:

Mestizo: I'd be happy to talk to you on IM. This forum is not set up for understanding anything. Email me if you are interested.

Update 8:

Mestizo: I have never reported you. My questions are the ones which have been deleted. I'm against censorship. I think I have made that very clear.

Update 9:

Mestizo: I offered to chat with you in IM once already. You should know better than most that your appearance, as a "cholo" or "mestizo" means very little as to what your nationality is. You're white and indigenous too

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  • DAR
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    Yep. Given that Bears Sterns puts its money (and its clients' money) where its mouth is, I've always figured the Bears Stearns assessment of 20 mill illegals in 2005, and growing, to be more accurate than the Pew Hispanic Center figure of 11 million (and growing.) The PHC numbers are based on census data which at some level means someone had to report to a census counter how many people lived somewhere they were living illegally. I always suspect there was a tendency to underreport.

    However, I use the PHC numbers just to be unassailably conservative. The impacts are still outrageous.

    Brian, my sister 'mixed' with a legally present Mexican, and her kids couldn't be more terrific. You pay for the education of those illegally here and that of the population growth they represent down line, and pay for their services, and I withdraw my objections. Deal?

  • 1 decade ago

    I completely agree with bullygirl! You are obsessed with trying to prove that Mexicans have no indigenous ancestry because you are jealous that most of them look NDN and you don't because you are not! Just be proud of who you are and stop this nonsense. You are making yourself look completely ridiculous. For days you have been asking the same questions. I have never seen a Native American behave like you do.

    You showed those pics the other day, they do not prove anything at all, all I see is a family of European Americans, not Native Americans.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Brian that was an interesting thought. Those Afro-Americans are getting some Latina babes too. But its OK. Lets all mix, so there will be no more racism. On the other hand, I love my Mexicana my preference, and I would understand why another vato from another race would be interested shoot its her choice.They are fine huh. Come on black brothers I could teach you how to make menudo and tacos and we both could teach the gabacho how to stop hating.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Bears Stearns Report is far more accurate than the US government's 12 million guestimate.

    I use this as the best prognosticator for America's Future, and it's not bright.

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  • 1 decade ago

    this girl has serious problems, satan is talking through her mouth, she is soo pride to be indian, but guess what you dont even look, your backgroun dis from european immigrants and you cant compare immigrants with latinos cause europeans most likely buy the ticket and get here while latinos dont get as many visas to come here legally, that is why latinos cross the border, as they immigrated to usa to improve their lives latinos do so, and not even comparing us with criminals make sense cause we are not the main problem in jails, that numbers belong to blacks, facts, call me an anchor baby I dont care,, I never got anything for free, and I am not racist cause my wife is black, a pretty and succesful african american woman, so dont judge all of them, as dont say we dont pay taxes, all those illegals who work with fake documents never claim that money back so tell the government to pay the hospital bill with that money and dont give it to the irak fund

    Source(s): life,,, this girl needs to find jesus...BESIDES DO NOT FLAGG ME OR DELETE MY ANSWERS<< THAT IS A VIOLATION TO MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH
  • 1 decade ago

    you have no features of any Indian whatsoever! You claim to be Cherokee from which tribe and what is you AIM registration #? I smell a rat.....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    why you guys get so scared by the Mexicans, they don't want to mix with you.

    You know who is a real problem for you? The black people ! they are the real threat for you, they are mixing with your race and soon there will be no more pure white people in the USA.

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