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What are the surrounding cities of Rock Island, Illinois?

My cousin and I are going to college in Rock Island City. We want to live in an apartment instead of a dorm, but the apartments in the city are WAY to expensive for us. So are they're any cities, or small towns within 10 miles of Rock Island with cheaper real estate?


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    Rock Island is located in an area know as the Quad Cities, encompassing both Illinois and Iowa. The other 3 cities of the Quad are:

    Davenport, Iowa

    Moline, Illinois

    Bettendorf, Iowa

    Here is a complete list of the counties/small cities in the area:

    Iowa counties Scott County

    Iowa cities and communities Davenport | Bettendorf | Blue Grass | Buffalo | Eldridge | Le Claire | Long Grove | Maysville | McCausland | New Liberty | Panorama Park | Park View | Pleasant Valley Township | Princeton | Riverdale |

    Illinois counties Henry County | Mercer County | Rock Island County|

    Illinois cities Rock Island | Moline | East Moline | Andalusia | Carbon Cliff | Coal Valley | Colona | Geneseo | Hampton | Milan | Port Byron | Rapids City | Silvis |

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