Wondering what years YZ250f all have same rear wheel set?

Want to know what year range yz or yzf rear tires will fit withut modification or purchasing new wheel spacers.

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    1 decade ago
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    Bradley,,I'm not 100% Perfect Certain,,,but I beleive they are All the same.

    The actual center hub is the same for 250F's and 450's.

    Theres some changes showing in sprocket-side wheel bearing,,,,

    and some different axles and spacers.

    The main battle in wheel swap wars is the HUB itself.

    The wheel bearings with different part numbers can be because of several different reasons.

    Example,,,the SIZE may be the same.

    But they could have changed the Grade of the bearing,,,or from metal-shielded to rubber seal,,,,or steel ball retainer to plastic,,,or radial clearance dimensions,,,etc,etc..

    It may be same SIZE,,,

    which is what matters in a Swap.

    But it may be a different "Kind" of bearing,,,engineering-specs-wise.....which makes NO difference in a swap.

    Even if you had to replace a bearing,,that's Cheap and Easy

    If You have your original wheel,,,,axle,spacers,etc.,,

    I'm 99% certain that Any of them will interchange by "mix & match" some of your orignal parts with the "new" wheel

    The 250 YZ 2 Strokes,and the 450F's have a Wider Wheel

    They are 2.15 x 19

    the 250 F has 1.85 x19

    Which won't,or SHOULDNT ,,make any difference far as a Swap is concerned.

    That's only 1/3" wider Overall,,,so I doubt swingarm clearance would be a factor if you used the wider wheel.

    Hope that helps

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