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At what temperature(Celsius) do you find the weather, a little to hot?

Its 39 degrees celsius today where i am, luckily i got Air Con

This is very weird for November

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    Well.. I used to live in the Philippines and is very close to the equator. The average temperature there is 36 degrees and every time you go outside you start to sweat even if you're just sitting. It wasn't that bad because I was used to it. Now that I have lived in Canada for more than six years, I not used to the heat. I find it really hot in a temperature in between 25 and 30 degrees. I get this feeling like I am being poked with thorns when it is too hot.

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    Temperature is a very odd thing it varies with humidity i have felt it unbearably hot in the uk at 24 degrees yet at a time on holiday in portugal after 10 days of very hot weather when the temp dropped to 30 degrees, i felt so very cold.odd or what.

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