I am looking for the decendants of LEAH EVELYN HARVEY?

She lived around Lewisville, Madison County,Mississippi,during the years of 1888 thru 1900 she was associated with a school teacher name D.I.Minor and he came from ohio maybe before 1888 as far as no that couldn't be .

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    uh... I am cut/pasting from familysearch.org (and not listing all persons)

    this is not a boarding house, the persons are all shown as pupils in a school.

    This extract comes from the 1880 census, so yes, it is correct that it was prior to 1888.

    The particulars of this note that Leah is Mulatto (most of the students are shown as Black), but it does not indicate anything regarding the place of birth of her parents. Since Leah's birth is 1867, it is understandable why she may not have known this information.

    The school is shown as in Livingston, Madison county.

    D. I. MINER Self M Male W 46 OH Teaching OH VT

    L. J. MINER Wife M Female W 43 OH Keeping House CT NY

    S. L. MINER Dau Female W 18 OH At School OH OH

    Carie MINER Dau S Female W 11 IA At School OH OH

    Stella MINER Dau S Female W 5 KS At Home OH OH

    Azel HATCH Other Male W 28 OH Teaching NH CT

    G. L. EMERSON Other Female W 50 ME Matron ME ME

    Spencer HULLINS Other Male B 31 MS Pupils MS VA

    A. BROOKS Other Male B 17 MS Pupils MS VA

    H. H. LANIER Other Male B 19 AL Pupils AL AL

    Scott TANNER Other Male B 17 AL Pupils AL AL

    E. H. MC CLAIN Other Male B 22 MS Pupils MS MO

    Marion JONES Other Male B 16 SC Pupils NC NC

    Amy FULTON Other Female B 16 AL Pupil --- AL

    Leah HARVEY Other S Female MU 13 MS Pupil --- ---

    Dice JONES Other W Female B 52 NC Cook VA VA

    note- the Miners youngest daughter is age 5, born in Ohio. s they came between 1875-1880.

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    The information I have is the 1880 Census. Leah was listed as 13 yrs old and a student. The heads of household were D.I. and L.J. Miner. There were 24 people listed at the residence, which indicates the Miner's ran a boarding house.

    I'd be glad to search a little further if you wish.

    Good job Wendy C

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    How old was Leah when she lived in Mississippi, and where was she actually born, could you edit your question and give this information if you know it. It would help the researcher to help you.

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    Have you checked on FamilySearch.org or Ancestry.com?

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