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Me and my mother always argue about everything... What should i do to make pce with her???

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    with me, when i fight with my mom, it's really to get one and other annoyed,so if you dont get annoyed you will win the argument plus being at peace with your mum.surprise her ,when she says somthing that annoyes you just smile and say ok....worked for me

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    Question for you...Is your mother happy?.

    When mothers are not happy, they tend to want to take it out on someone, guess who that is.

    Next time she start to argue, Hug her and tell her it will be ok. That you love her no matter what.

    We, moms are under so much pressure to make sure that our families are provided for and taken care of, that we forget you need to be listened to as well. But there is no one listening to us.

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    learn to realize that it is okay to disagree. we all can't have the same opinions and that's all right. let her know that just because you disagree, it doesn't mean you don't care for her opionions, because you do, otherwise, you would have not asked this question. let her realize that you love her, but, you are not her. you admire the way she is and respect her; and, you hope she can feel the same way about you. just because you think differently, doesn't have to make you argue. learn to realize what makes each of you tick. good luck.

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    You may not always agree, but you have to respect her. With respect comes understanding. Once she sees that you are respecting her honestly, you'll be surprised at how open she may become to what you are saying.

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