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peru beaches?

so i heard that lima peru's beaches arent very good. so i was wondering that the closest beaches are that are warm and good for swimming and tanning. thank you!

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    You can tan on any beach in Peru and swim at most of them as long as they aren't rocky or dirty so I'm not sure what you mean.The water is often cold so maybe that's why they are not very popular,although on any weekend or holiday you will find the beaches,especially around Lima packed with people.

    I am a long time surfer and I have surfed from Calfornia to Argentina. I love the beaches of Peru's Pacific coast.

    Here is some information from one of my friends website:

    "Brazil might be more popularly known as a surfing destination, but wave connoisseurs love Peru, with 2,000km (1,200 miles) of Pacific coastline and a great variety of left and right reef breaks, point breaks, and big-time waves. Beaches are mostly uncrowded, but the water is cold, and most surfers wear wet suits year-round. More than two dozen beaches attract surfistas. Northern Peru, best from October to March, is the top choice of many; surfers hang out in the easygoing fishing village of Huanchaco, but the biggest and best waves in Peru are found at Puerto Chicama (also called Puerto Malabrigo), about 80km (50 miles) up the coast from Trujillo. The best beaches in southern Peru, where surfing is best from April to December (and at its peak in May), are Punta Hermosa, Punta Rocas, Cerro Azul, and Pico Alto."

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    The Peruvian beaches are awesome. There are some pockets that are dirty, just like any other spot in the world.

    Try Punta Negra, Punta Hermosa, Cantolao, San Bartolo, Mancora, Paracas, Ilo The summer there is from December to March, plan ahead.

    Oh, and the reason why the beaches in Peru are so cold is because of the current of EL NINO.

    Have fun and enjoy....

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    Try mancora in the north of peru. It's in the part of the country called Piura, and is close to the city of Tumbes

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    The closest beaches to go to are in: Punta Hermosa, and San Bartolo. If you want to tan it will depend during what part of the year your are planning to travel.

    "Tanning season": December through April

    "Non-tanning season": May through November.

    The water in Peru is only warm during "tanning season"...:)

    Source(s): I am Peruvian
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    Peruvian beaches are beautiful.

    Go to the south (playas del sur)

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