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Who is better the red soxs or yankees?

Who is better the red soxs or yankees?

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    As a Red Sox fan, i respect both teams but I will have to say this. First the Red Sox, before the Theo-Francona Era the Yankee's were the better because they had Joe Torre a sure fire HoFamer, they won 4 rings under him and were in the play-offs what ever season Torre managed? but come 2004 the Red Sox became the better team, yes the Yankee s made the play-offs but to have a team who has now the best record from coming back from elimination to advance or in this case go on to win the WS is sweeps tells a lot of just how much better the Red Sox have gotten in this new decade. They to me look like a team that has the better shot of winning a WS over the Yankees because of how much change is going on in the Yankee's organization. Also I would like to add, that you could compare just about any two teams with a rival history in the Majors and find similar cases. So even though I am doing my best to be objective, the red sox are currently the better team in this decade.

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    The Red Sox have been better lately, but the Yankees are great and have been the better team in the past. I'm a lifelong Yankee fan being born in the Bronx and having lived in New York my whole life, but I very much respect the Red Sox becuase they are undoubtedly a good team and they did deserve that World Series ring. However, I believe that the Yankee are equally talented.

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    This is the easiest question in the history of Yahoo! Answers. It's obvious its the Red Sox. Two titles in four years compared to zero in seven years for the Bronx Bombers. The Red Sox have young talent at a fair price. The Yankees have overpaid underachieving talent. The BoSox are better Yankee fans. Get over it.

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    This answer is being written from a Red Sox point of view. The Yankees are, without a doubt, a better dynasty. They have 27 World Series, they are always a good team. The Red Sox, at least in recent years, have been a better team. They have won two World Series since the Yankees have. In the past the Yankees were good. Now the Red Sox are good. In the coming years the Red Sox will continue to dominate.

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    a) you spelled SOX wrong.


    the red sox got damn lucky this year because of the Yankees' slow start. If the yanks played all year the way they played in the second half, the sox might not have even made the postseason. and the Yankees won the season series against the red sox. and that so called world series was a load of ****. THE TAMPA BAY (sucky) DEVIL RAYS could have beat the Rockies that showed up in the World Series. it wasn't even a competition from the first game.

    and once again:


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    This season the crimson Sox are & the previous few seasons the Sox have won 2 titles yet historic past sensible, the Yankees reign over the crimson Sox & Drew1, while did the crimson Sox beat the Yankees interior the international sequence? they'd't play one yet another reason they are in comparable branch & league. no longer asserting you're a bandwagon fan yet a real baseball fan could be responsive to that those 2 communities would desire to in no way play one yet another in international sequence

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    If you are resting on history, the Yankees have a more successful past. However, right now, the Boston Red Sox are arguably the best team in the major leagues.

    I would not be surprised in the slightest if the Yankees do not even make the playoffs in 2008.

    I hate Yankees fans who think their team is the best just because they are the Yankees.

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    26 titles to 7 titles. Yankees are about 4 times better. Simple math, nuff said.

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    I call it like it is, the Red sox.

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    Red Sox fans are going to say that Red Sox are better.

    Yankees fans are going to say that Yankees are better.

    I'm a Red Sox fan so of course I'm going to say Red Sox.

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