can anyone pls. give some idea in my introduction..??

ok..i gotta li'l probLem here co'z i'm gonna discuss about the SOLUTIONS regarding to "GRAFT and CORRUPTION"

in a forum w/ our principal and other teachers

i dunno how will i start the discussion... :'(

en unfortunately i'm getting nervous.... ;(

so pls..can sumbdy heLp me w/ 'tis..

any idea will be highly appreciated..^^

thnx a lot.. :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I usually start speechs the same why I would start an essay about the subject. Try telling a captivating story that is an example of graft and corruption, or give some really shocking statistics. Or you could also start the discussion with a visual aid, it just depends on how much time you have for the introducation and how the discussion is suppose to relate to the school setting. Good Luck. I'm sure you will do fine.

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    Hm, first of all, make sure when you are in the forum that you use clear and correctly spelt language... Teachers will pick you up on that in the first half second! I dont intend to sound mean!

    Secondly, this is something I would be unsure about, so I would see if I could google anything, and then ask, as my initial question on the board, "what are recent instances of X in the media" and then carry on the discussion from there.

    Heres an article to get you started.

    Source(s): Postgraduate teacher-in-training (of theatre and performing arts!)
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