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    Princess Iron Fan

    鐵扇公主是中國古典小說《西遊記》中的虛構人物,在「第五十九回 唐三藏路阻火焰山 孫行者一調芭蕉扇」開始出現,最初的名稱叫「鐵扇仙」,之後才更清楚其名,根據小說所言:樵子笑道:「這芭蕉洞雖有,卻無個鐵扇仙,只有個鐵扇公主,又名羅剎女。」




    Princess Iron Fan (traditional Chinese: 鐵扇公主; simplified Chinese: 铁扇公主; pinyin: Tiě shàn gōngzhǔ) is a fictional character from the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West. She is the wife of the Bull King and mother of Red Boy. She is a beautiful goddess living in an underground cave awaiting her husband's return, but also angry at him for his affair with a foxy vixen woman. She refused to lend the Monkey King (Sun Wu Kong) her fan to subdue the flaming mountains. Her fan is extremely large and has magical properties, as it can create giant whirlwinds.

    [edit] In other media

    Princess Iron Fan has appeared as optional playable character in the Playstation game Saiyuki: Journey to the West. However, she is called Lady Tessen instead of Princess Iron Fan (though it essentially means the same thing). Her element is fire rather than wind and her fan is used (not visibly) in her Fire Fan special attack, where she creates a massive tornado of flames around a group of enemies. Her husband, the Bull King Taurus, is also an optional playable character.

    [edit] Trivia

    Princess Iron Fan's fan is made from banana leaves.

    Princess Iron Fan seems to be the inspiration for the character Temari from the Naruto anime franchise.

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    Princess Iron FanPrincess Iron FanPrincess Iron FanPrincess Iron Fan

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    Princess Iron Fan

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    Hard fan princess


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    Princess Iron Fan

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