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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

i want to ask sth about maintenance worker (hotel)

what does a maintenance worker do in a hotel?

and anything about them (as much as you can think of)

thx a lot!!!

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    what does a maintenance worker do in a hotel?

    Maintenance Worker is primarily responsible for keeping the hotel facility in good repair by responding to emergencies and performing maintenance tasks and to insure that all aspects of the day to day maintenance operations of the Hotel and all preventive maintenance schedules are completed in a timely, professional manner to guarantee guest satisfaction and continuance of Hotel operations.

    Main responsibilities will be to conduct/perform general maintenance repairs within the Hotel as required. Seasonally related duties such as snow removal are also part of this role.

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    Repair the broken things such as the air-condtioners, the doors.....

    Usually a man

    Always carrying a box contain repairing instructment

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