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在10/24,朝日新聞的報導中,日本的執政黨政府提到,目前已消費稅率上漲及削減 国・地方公共團體支出等等為目標,到2011年,財政收支可望轉為黑字


並且額賀財務相(Finance Minister Fukushiro Nukaga)也指出,一般而言,法人稅(公司稅?)容易被景氣好壞影響徵收,加上高齡少子化的影響,勞動人口愈來愈少的現在,也沒有辦法往所得稅增稅的方向思考,所以政府才考慮到,往中長期裡公平又安定的消費稅來增稅。


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    On October 24, Asa hi News reported that the governing party of Japan mentioned that the government has set the goal of increasing excise tax rate and reducing the expenditure of national and local governments. To the year of 2001, the fiscal budget can be in balance. If that is the case, the repayments of loans to other countries can be expected as well.

    The Finance Minister, Fukushiro Nukaga, also pointed out that corporate tax, generally speaking, are influenced by the economy. At the present, the aging population and decreasing birth rate make labors scarce, so the idea of getting revenue from income tax is not valid. Therefore, the only way that the government can think of is to increase revenue by levying excise tax, which has been a stable and fair income source for a remarkable period of time.

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    In 10,/24, in the Asahi Shimbun report, Japan's incumbent party

    government mentioned that, at present expended the tax rate rise and

    the reduction place public body disbursement and so on is the goal,

    to 2011, the financial revenue and expenditure hopes to transfer the

    black character if the financial revenue and expenditure transfers the

    black character, the Japanese foreign international loan repays also

    can have the very big help.

    And the volume celebrates the finance (Finance Minister Fukushiro

    Nukaga) also to point out, generally speaking, corporation tax

    (corporation tax? ) Is easily levied by the booming quality influence,

    in addition advanced age influence, working population

    increasingly few present, also does not have the means to increase the

    tax toward the income tax the direction to ponder, therefore the

    government only then considered, increases the tax toward the center

    long-term in fair stable excise tax.

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