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誰能幫我翻譯 盧巧音 算數『中翻英』

盧巧音 算數

分手的一煞或者很不好過 苦痛到我要生要死

曾話過要去懷著怨氣 這一世也要決心憎你

但我知花必須要謝 春天必須變夏天

我也有天心死 稀風雪亦要繼續前行

毛毛細雨 萬象更新 一概清洗心中的怨恨

人是會轉季節會變更 承受過冷與折磨過的枯枝


* 也許不應該憎恨人 好應該感動人 失戀都這樣勇敢

既是成年人 無謂再拿謠言誣蔑你 事後便罪加一等

再經過短短的春夏和秋冬來忘掉你 現在活得多開心

跟你渡過 這麼多年 都算是朋友 何用變做仇人*

舊事算數 大道康莊

跟你握握手冰釋怨恨 離別了你我至會瞭解


Repeat *

隨著季節變化 開始想不起了你的眼神

來日你也讚歎 我也會劫後重生

Repeat *

一個目送 夏去秋來 等我用時間 忘掉這舊情人

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    The sound of Lu Qiao counts

    Break up of a very or very not go to me and get to want dead over the pang

    Once words' leading will keep in mind hatred, this a life time also wants decision Zeng you

    But I know flower's hasing to want to thank has to become summer in spring

    I also have for a day, the heart died sparse breeze snow to also want to go before continuing

    The hair hair light drizzle universe renewal cleans the grudge in the heart all

    Person is will turn season will change to once bear cold with once torment of deadwood

    After the spring also reborn

    * Shouldn't hate a person perhaps so much should the feeling is all moving to be brokenhearted so brave

    Since is the adult is meaningless to take again the rumor Wu Mie your after the event then doubly guilty

    Pass by again a very short spring summer and forget you to live much now autumn winter happy

    Pass through to all be regarded as friend's so with you for several years to use to change to do personal enemy*

    The old matter counts a big way Kang Chuang

    Held ice to release grudge to leave you me to go to a meeting to understand with you

    In fact I would also the strong spirit resist in winter the most cold temperature

    Repeat *

    Started doing not recall your look in the eyes along with the season variety

    Come to day, your also praising highly me will also rob behind rebirth

    Repeat *

    1 follows with eyes a summer to go to an autumn to wait for me to forget this old lover with time

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    憎你還Zeng you咧


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