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  • 1 decade ago
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    In the society now, the gap between rich and poor is the whole Taiwanese question, the price is rising , there are few salaries , the rate of unemployment is higher and higher, much families breakfast,lunch and dinner is all a problem, even someone can not afford to raise children and finish one's own life, and this causes the phenomenon that the modern society melt at advanced age , the income enough expenditure that most people are one's own, result in not wanting to marry and give birth to babies .

    This is a pitiful and story sympathized with, a poverty-stricken family has lived in the corner of this community, parents' academic credentials are not high, so can only earn the living cost by the odd-job of making , even the child's nutrition lunch money can not be paid out, need the teacher to withhold, but for not allowing children to receive classmates' unusual eyes, their parents always leave the best one for the child , try one's best to earn the living cost, but neglect the children's education and their time of company, fortunately the nearby neighbour is not stingy at all to stretch out the assistance to them, help them to look after children sometimes , will even serve as family education and help their child to review lesson, unlikely to let their child follow bad examples, and their behavior has not charged the money with him , this family can just continue living thanks to everybody's help.

    As I finish hearing this story, find that oneself was the happiness in this way originally, should want good fortune of cherishing , can complain or require too many satisfication of goods and materials again , is it help more in need of help people to go the surplus money.

    這是我用Dr. eye 翻的。不確定對不對~~


    Source(s): Dr. eye
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