Writer's Strike??????

When are shows going to start showing again? (aka Saturday Night Live that's the only one I know of) what other shows aren't airing because of this?

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  • Vaughn
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    1 decade ago
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    The LA Times has got a link to a graph that tells you how many new episodes of each show is left, and how each show is being affected. See below.

    Go to www.unitedhollywood.com to sign a petition asking the AMPTP to settle with the writers! Ask everyone you know who enjoys even one television show to please do the same. Also:

    Many of us have joined “Save our Show” efforts in the past. One technique that’s gotten press and attention is fans mailing a particular item, related to the show, to the appropriate network--bottles of Tabasco sauce for Roswell, or peanuts for Jericho.

    Now is the time to save ALL our shows.

    Some of them are already off the air, and others only have a handful of new episodes left before vanishing as well. If the AMPTP takes a hard line on this, they will replace scripted shows with second-rate reality television or game shows and, possibly, never look back.

    Do we really want that?

    Show-runners and celebrities have been supporting the writers. It's time for those of us who most love their work to support them as well.

    Here is my suggestion.

    MAIL PENCILS to the AMPTP and to any studios whose shows you enjoy. Make sure the pencils are NOT sharpened—let's not impale any innocent mail carriers in this movement! It costs 58 cents, because the letter must be hand cancelled; one 42-cent stamp won’t do it(or, if you’re lazy like me, just slap two stamps on each business-sized envelope). Feel free to enclose a brief not explaining which show(s) you most want back as soon as possible.

    Maybe we can help the studios see just how much support the WGA has. And maybe, just maybe, we can give them a graceful way to back down—not because they’re buckling under the writers' demands, but because they care so much about their audience.


    And isn't that supposed to be their job?

    For your convenience, here are some of the pertinent addresses:

    AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers)

    15503 Ventura Boulevard

    Encino CA 91436

    ABC television Studio

    500 S. Buena Vista St.

    Burbank, CA 91521-0001

    CBS Studios

    7800 Beverly Boulevard

    Los Angeles, CA. 90036

    FOX Network

    P.O. Box 900

    Beverly Hills, CA 90213 0900

    NBC Studios

    3000 W. Alameda Ave.

    Burbank, CA. 91523

    Thank you!

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    Until the writer strike is over, you can pretty much count out seeing original episodes of live shows (SNL, Leno, Letterman, Daily Show, etc.) that depend on writers.

    Regular series (Grey's Anatomy, CSI, The Office, etc.) have the advantage of having several unaired episodes taped and other episodes written but not yet filmed. These shows should be able to make it until early next year before they run out of episodes.

    Since game shows (Deal or no Deal) and Reality Shows (Top Chef, Survivor, Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, etc.) do not use writers, these shows will continue without interruption and you may see more of them to fill in the gaps until the writers and studios reach a new contract.

    The location where the show films doesn't matter because the dispute is with the studios.

    This dispute may also effect movie production but again there are enough films in the can (including some that should stay in the can) to cope with the strike for several months at least.

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    I don't really think SNL is affected by it. Afterall, SNL is in New York, not L.A. but you never know. I think all of this is great to be honest with you. I just hate how television has gone down the drain with reality tv shows and half-@ssed sitcoms that throw the humor at you instead of letting you figure it out. Good. I hope this strike goes on forever. No worries, I've got my favorite shows on DVD, plus Nick@Nite, now that's television and all that I need to make me happy. Besides, the only show I actually watch on tv (when I can) is "The View" and that's not scripted.

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    I'm worried about Desperate Housewives man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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