What are the latest updates and news on the United Nations Organizations (UNO)?

PLEASE answer my question by November 12, 2007!

I need this for my research paper that's due on Tuesday!

So PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need at least 10 or above, but, maybe 1-9 could really help!

I also heard that Koffi Annan isn't the chairman anymore...

I really don't know if he was the chairman!


Thanks if you answer!

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    The secretary general is Ban Ki Moon since Kofi Annan has left. Go to www.un.org and click into where it says welcome ( that is English site) Then click into main bodies which gives the different departments like UNICEF ( for children) UNCHR ( for refugees) UNESCO, and other sections. The United Nations is our best resource to bring the countries of the world together in peace. It is in New York City. Good luck on your paper. I hope you get to go visit it someday. You will be most impressed.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    If white people never came to America we would never have had the UN or needed it.The UN needs to understand it is only there to back America and Israel cause when it doesnt then it is defunct. The last good thing the UN did was creating the state of Israel and almost everything else since is bad. It is some what like the judge who lets one guy off he is a great Judge and to the other he is a bad defunct unecessary ugly fact of life. Get real it is all we have.

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