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How do Bones Reds Skate Bearings compare to the ABEC Rating?

I was just wondering how the Bones Reds skateboard bearings would compare to the ABEC Rating. I know they are not measured by ABEC but what type of ABEC bearing would best compare to them? Thanks.

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    ABEC is a label.. and if you look into it the ABEC rating system you will see it is intended for industrial bearings for things such as machines in factories.. when your building something like a dumptruck or a machin that creates alluminum cans ABEC ratings matter because u dont want to have to change ur bearings for sumthing so complex so the rating system works great.. but for skateboards ABEC really means nothing because if u have ABEC rated bearings with a rating of 3 or 7 it doesnt matter because if you ollie a 8 set the shock from landing on the bearing is exactly the same. so wether u pay 30$ or 20$ for the 7 or 3 rated ABEC bearings theyr both going to break in the same amount of time. go with REDS becuase reds are cheap and theyr made by the best bearing company on the market (for skateboards)./// cheap is good

    Source(s): iv skate boarded for 9 years now and i myself have looked into this.
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    The ABEC rating is a measure of tolerance in only the size and roundness of the balls. It has nothing to do with quality of components or tolerances of the other parts of the bearing.

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    Bone Reds

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    shop up and get the bones swiss originals or micro yet while your merely going to be skating and thrashing merely purchase some low-fee bearings. i exploit quickly bearings for my long quickly boards and junky bearings for the skate park and highway

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