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Please Help! Talent Agencies For Kids In Oklahoma? (near okc, edmond or ponca city)?

I'm a 10 year old looking to get into acting. I have acting, dancing and singing experience, and a little bit of modeling. I need to get some auditions, but I need an agent first. Do you know any Talent Agencies in the oklahoma area? Thanks in advance (to those who answer seriusly) :)


Sorry dude but I already have waaay before this! Most famous people started that way. With an agent, they still use them once famous. There is nobody from oklahoma really so sorry that answer didn't really help but thanks anyways.

Update 2:

It doesn't have to be in those areas just prefribly. (bad spelling)

Update 3:

It doesn't have to be in those areas just prefribly. (bad spelling)

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    Do a little research....see if you can find even ONE successful actor/singer who got their start through a "Talent Agency"...

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    talent agents do not make stars out of sows ears. They take people who have talent and get them jobs, so first anyone who wants to be a pro, has to be really, really good, to compete with the best in the world, and when that is the case, they can seek and agent. Use the yellow pages and telephone and do a web search for talent agents in OK.

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